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ild.05 These, when they grew up, went to Ilius with the Argive fleet in the cause of Menelaus and Agamemnon sons of Atreus, and there they both of them fell.
ild.06 He found Alexandrus within the house, busied about his armour, his shield and cuirass, and handling his curved bow; there, too, sat Argive Helen with her Women, setting them their several tasks; and as Hector saw him he rebuked him with words of scorn.
ild.07 Let us give up Argive Helen and her wealth to the sons of Atreus, for we are now fighting in violation of our solemn covenants, and shall not prosper till we have done as I say.
ild.12 I made sure the Argive heroes could not withstand us, whereas like slim waisted wasps, or bees that have their nests in the rocks by the wayside they leave not the holes wherein they have built undefended, but fight for their little ones against all who would take them even so these men, though they be but two, will not be driven from the gates, but stand firm either to slay or be slain.
ild.14 Thereon Neptune and Hector waged fierce war on one another Hector on the Trojan and Neptune on the Argive side.
ild.14 Polydamas vaunted loudly over him saying, "Again I take it that the spear has not sped in vain from the strong hand of the son of Panthous; an Argive has caught it in his body, and it will serve him for a staff as he goes down into the house of Hades.
ild.14 Acamas vaunted loudly over him saying, Argive" archers, braggarts that you are, toil and suffering shall not be for us only, but some of you too shall fall here as well as ourselves.
ild.19 Surely Jove must have counselled the destruction of many an Argive.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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