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ild.02 Jove gave it to Mercury, slayer of Argus, guide and guardian.
ild.21 Then the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, said to Leto, Leto", I shall not fight you; it is ill to come to blows with any of Jove s wives.
ild.24 Thus shamefully did Achilles in his fury dishonour Hector; but the blessed Gods looked down in pity from heaven, and urged Mercury, slayer of Argus, to steal the body.
ild.24 The Gods would have Mercury slayer of Argus steal the body, but in furtherance of our peace and amity henceforward, I will concede such honour to your son as I will now tell you.
ild.24 Let him have no thought nor fear of death in his heart, for we will send the slayer of Argus to escort him, and bring him within the tent of Achilles.
ild.24 You are to have no thought, nor fear of death, for Jove will send the slayer of Argus to escort you.
ild.24 Thus he spoke and Mercury, guide and guardian, slayer of Argus, did as he was told.
ild.24 Then said the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, Sir", all that you have said is right; but tell me and tell me true, are you taking this rich treasure to send it to a foreign people where it may be safe, or are you all leaving strong Ilius in dismay now that your son has fallen who was the bravest man among you and was never lacking in battle with the Achaeans?"
ild.24 The slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, answered him, Sir", you would prove me, that you question me about noble Hector.
ild.24 Sir"," replied the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, "neither hounds nor Vultures have yet devoured him; he is still just lying at the tents by the ship of Achilles, and though it is now Twelve days that he has lain there, his flesh is not wasted nor have the worms eaten him although they feed on warriors.
ild.24 Then answered the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, Sir", you are tempting me and playing upon my youth, but you shall not move me, for you are offering me presents without the knowledge of Achilles whom I fear and hold it great guiltless to defraud, lest some evil presently befall me; but as your guide I would go with you even to Argos itself, and would guard you so carefully whether by sea or land, that no one should attack you through making light of him who was with you.
ild.24 When they reached the trench and the wall that was before the ships, those who were on guard had just been getting their suppers, and the slayer of Argus threw them all into a deep sleep.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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