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ild.01 He will return to Olympus Twelve days hence; I will then go to his mansion paved with Bronze and will beseech him; nor do I doubt that I shall be able to persuade him.
ild.02 Agamemnon"," he cried, "what ails you now, and what more do you want? Your tents are filled with Bronze and with fair Women, for whenever we take a town we give you the pick of them.
ild.02 And now, O Muses, dwellers in the mansions of Olympus, tell me for you are Goddesses and are in all places so that you see all things, while we know nothing but by report who were the chiefs and princes of the Danaans? As for the common soldiers, they were so that I could not name every single one of them though I had Ten tongues, and though my voice failed not and my heart were of Bronze within me, unless you, O Olympian Muses, daughters of aegis bearing Jove, were to recount them to me.
ild.02 His force was far both finest and most numerous, and in their midst was the king himself, all glorious in his armour of gleaming Bronze foremost among the heroes, for he was the greatest king, and had most men under him.
ild.03 On his shoulders he bore the skin of a panther, his bow, and his sword, and he brandished two spears shod with Bronze as a challenge to the bravest of the Achaeans to meet him in single fight.
ild.03 Hector and Ulysses measured the ground, and cast lots from a helmet of Bronze to see which should take aim first.
ild.03 First he greaved his legs with greaves of good make and fitted with ancle clasps of Silver; after this he donned the cuirass of his brother Lycaon, and fitted it to his own body; he hung his Silver studded sword of Bronze about his shoulders, and then his mighty shield.
ild.04 But Menelaus reassured him and said, "Take heart, and do not alarm the people; the arrow has not struck me in a mortal part, for my outer belt of burnished metal first stayed it, and under this my cuirass and the belt of mail which the Bronze smiths made me.
ild.04 He undid the burnished belt, and beneath this the cuirass and the belt of mail which the Bronze smiths had made; then, when he had seen the wound, he wiped away the blood and applied some soothing drugs which Chiron had given to Aesculapius out of the good will he bore him.
ild.04 He left his Chariot rich with Bronze and his panting steeds in charge of Eurymedon, son of Ptolemaeus the son of Peiraeus, and bade him hold them in readiness against the time his limbs should weary of going about and giving orders to so many, for he went among the ranks on foot.
ild.04 He struck at the projecting part of his helmet and drove the spear into his brow; the point of Bronze pierced the bone, and darkness veiled his eyes; headlong as a tower he fell amid the press of the fight, and as he dropped King Elephenor, son of Chalcodon and captain of the proud Abantes began dragging him out of reach of the darts that were falling around him, in haste to strip him of his armour.
ild.04 But his purpose was not for long; Agenor saw him haling the body away, and smote him in the side with his Bronze shod spear for as he stooped his side was left unprotected by his shield and thus he perished.
ild.04 Ulysses, infuriated by the death of his comrade, hit him with his spear on one temple, and the Bronze point came through on the other side of his forehead.
ild.05 The son of Phyleus got close up to him and drove a spear into the nape of his neck: it went under his tongue all among his teeth, so he bit the cold Bronze, and fell dead in the dust.
ild.05 It struck the shield of the son of Tydeus; the Bronze point pierced it and passed on till it reached the breastplate.
ild.05 It went crashing in among his white teeth; the Bronze point cut through the root of his to tongue, coming out under his chin, and his glistening armour rang rattling round him as he fell heavily to the ground.
ild.05 Mars had to suffer when Otus and Ephialtes, children of Aloeus, bound him in cruel bonds, so that he lay thirteen months imprisoned in a vessel of Bronze.
ild.05 Brave Menelaus pitied them in their fall, and made his way to the front, clad in gleaming Bronze and brandishing his spear, for Mars egged him on to do so with intent that he should be killed by Aeneas; but Antilochus the son of Nestor saw him and sprang forward, fearing that the king might come to harm and thus bring all their labour to nothing; when, therefore Aeneas and Menelaus were setting their hands and spears against one another eager to do battle, Antilochus placed himself by the side of Menelaus.
ild.05 Hebe with all speed fitted on the eight spoked wheels of Bronze that were on either side of the Iron axle tree.
ild.05 The felloes of the wheels were of Gold, imperishable, and over these there was a tire of Bronze, wondrous to behold.
ild.05 As soon as they were at close quarters he let fly with his Bronze spear over the reins and yoke, thinking to take Diomed s life, but Minerva caught the spear in her hand and made it fly harmlessly over the Chariot.
ild.06 THE fight between Trojans and Achaeans was now left to rage as it would, and the tide of war surged hither and thither over the plain as they aimed their Bronze shod spears at one another between the streams of Simois and Xanthus.
ild.06 The spear struck the projecting peak of his helmet: its Bronze point then went through his forehead into the brain, and darkness veiled his eyes.
ild.06 "Take me alive," he cried, "son of Atreus, and you shall have a full ransom for me: my father is rich and has much treasure of Gold, Bronze, and wrought Iron laid by in his house.
ild.06 But the son of Saturn made Glaucus take leave of his wits, for he exchanged Golden armour for Bronze, the worth of a hundred head of Cattle for the worth of nine.
ild.06 Here Hector entered, with a spear Eleven cubits long in his hand; the Bronze point gleamed in front of him, and was fastened to the shaft of the spear by a ring of Gold.
ild.06 He donned his goodly armour overlaid with Bronze, and hasted through the city as fast as his feet could take him.
ild.07 Hector threw a spear at Eioneus and struck him dead with a wound in the neck under the Bronze rim of his helmet.
ild.07 Thus they prayed, and Ajax armed himself in his suit of gleaming Bronze.
ild.07 Ajax came up bearing his shield in front of him like a wall a shield of Bronze with Seven folds of oxhide the work of Tychius, who lived in Hyle and was by far the best worker in leather.
ild.07 He had made it with the hides of Seven full fed Bulls, and over these he had set an eighth layer of Bronze.
ild.07 It struck the Sevenfold shield in its outermost layer the eighth, which was of Bronze and went through Six of the layers but in the Seventh hide it stayed.
ild.07 They then each of them drew out the spear from his shield, and fell on one another like savage Lions or wild boars of great strength and endurance: the son of Priam struck the middle of Ajax s shield, but the Bronze did not break, and the point of his dart was turned.
ild.07 Ajax then sprang forward and pierced the shield of Hector; the spear went through it and staggered him as he was springing forward to attack; it gashed his neck and the blood came pouring from the wound, but even so Hector did not cease fighting; he gave ground, and with his brawny hand seized a stone, rugged and huge, that was lying upon the plain; with this he struck the shield of Ajax on the boss that was in its middle, so that the Bronze rang again.
ild.07 From this supply the Achaeans bought their wine, some with Bronze, some with iron, some with hides, some with whole heifers, and some again with captives.
ild.08 If I see anyone acting apart and helping either Trojans or Danaans, he shall be beaten inordinately ere he come back again to Olympus; or I will hurl him down into dark Tartarus far into the deepest pit under the earth, where the gates are Iron and the floor Bronze, as far beneath Hades as heaven is high above the earth, that you may learn how much the mightiest I am among you.
ild.08 With this he yoked his fleet Horses, with hoofs of Bronze and manes of glittering Gold.
ild.08 He grasped a spear Eleven cubits long, the Bronze point of which gleamed in front of it, while the ring round the spear head was of Gold Spear in hand he spoke.
ild.09 "All these things will I give him now down, and if hereafter the Gods vouchsafe me to sack the city of Priam, let him come when we Achaeans are dividing the spoil, and load his ship with Gold and Bronze to his liking; furthermore let him take Twenty Trojan Women, the loveliest after Helen herself.
ild.09 All these things will he give you now down, and if hereafter the gods vouchsafe him to sack the city of Priam, you can come when we Achaeans are dividing the spoil, and load your ship with Gold and Bronze to your liking.
ild.10 He covered his broad back with the skin of a spotted panther, put a casque of Bronze upon his head, and took his spear in his brawny hand.
ild.10 He buckled on his purple coat, of two thicknesses, large, and of a rough shaggy texture, grasped his redoubtable Bronze shod spear, and wended his way along the line of the Achaean ships.
ild.10 First they went to Diomed son of Tydeus, and found him outside his tent clad in his armour with his comrades sleeping round him and using their shields as pillows; as for their spears, they stood upright on the spikes of their butts that were driven into the ground, and the burnished Bronze flashed afar like the lightning of father Jove.
ild.10 They all held their peace; but there was among the Trojans a certain man named Dolon, son of Eumedes, the famous herald a man rich in Gold and Bronze.
ild.10 But first hold up your sceptre and swear that you will give me the Chariot, bedight with Bronze, and the Horses that now carry the noble son of Peleus.
ild.10 The two came breathless up to him and seized his hands, whereon he began to weep and said, "Take me alive; I will ransom myself; we have great store of Gold, Bronze, and wrought iron, and from this my father will satisfy you with a very large ransom, should he hear of my being alive at the ships of the Achaeans.
ild.10 He said he would give me the Horses of the noble son of Peleus and his Bronze bedizened Chariot; he bade me go through the darkness of the flying night, get close to the enemy, and find out whether the ships are still guarded as heretofore, or whether, now that we have beaten them, the Achaeans design to fly, and through sheer exhaustion are neglecting to keep their watches.
ild.11 He took moreover the richly dight shield that covered his body when he was in battle fair to see, with Ten circles of Bronze running all round see, wit it.
ild.11 On his head Agamemnon set a helmet, with a peak before and behind, and four plumes of Horse hair that nodded menacingly above it; then he grasped two redoubtable Bronze shod spears, and the gleam of his armour shot from him as a flame into the firmament, while Juno and Minerva thundered in honour of the king of rich Mycene.
ild.11 Hector s round shield showed in the front rank, and as some baneful star that shines for a moment through a rent in the clouds and is again hidden beneath them; even so was Hector now seen in the front ranks and now again in the hindermost, and his Bronze armour gleamed like the lightning of aegis bearing Jove.
ild.11 All of them blamed the son of Saturn for wanting to Live victory to the Trojans, but father Jove heeded them not: he held aloof from all, and sat apart in his all glorious majesty, looking down upon the city of the Trojans, the ships of the Achaeans, the gleam of Bronze, and alike upon the slayers and on the slain.
ild.11 Agamemnon led them on, and slew first Bienor, a leader of his people, and afterwards his comrade and Charioteer Oileus, who sprang from his Chariot and was coming full towards him; but Agamemnon struck him on the forehead with his spear; his Bronze visor was of no avail against the weapon, which pierced both Bronze and bone, so that his brains were battered in and he was killed in full fight.
ild.11 Our father Antimachus has great store of Gold, Bronze, and wrought iron, and from this he will satisfy you with a very large ransom should he hear of our being alive at the ships of the Achaeans.
ild.11 So there the poor fellow lay, sleeping a sleep as it were of Bronze, killed in the defence of his fellow citizens, far from his wedded wife, of whom he had had no joy though he had given much for her: he had given a hundred head of Cattle down, and had promised later on to give a thousand Sheep and Goats mixed, from the countless flocks of which he was possessed.
ild.11 Agamemnon was convulsed with pain, but still not even for this did he leave off struggling and fighting, but grasped his spear that flew as fleet as the wind, and sprang upon Coon who was trying to drag off the body of his brother his father s son by the foot, and was crying for help to all the bravest of his comrades; but Agamemnon struck him with a Bronze shod spear and killed him as he was dragging the dead body through the press of men under cover of his shield: he then cut off his head, standing over the body of Iphidamas.
ild.11 He had aimed at Hector s head near the top of his helmet, but Bronze was turned by Bronze, and Hector was untouched, for the spear was stayed by the visored helm made with three plates of metal, which Phoebus Apollo had given him.
ild.11 First she set for them a fair and well made table that had feet of cyanus; on it there was a vessel of Bronze and an onion to give relish to the drink, with honey and cakes of barley meal.
ild.11 In this the Woman, as fair as a Goddess, mixed them a mess with Pramnian wine; she grated Goat s milk cheese into it with a Bronze grater, threw in a handful of white barley meal, and having thus prepared the mess she bade them drink it.
ild.12 The Trojans led by him and by Iamenus, Orestes, Adamas the son of Asius, Thoon and Oenomaus, raised a loud cry of battle and made straight for the wall, holding their shields of dry ox hide above their heads; for a while the two defenders remained inside and cheered the Achaeans on to stand firm in the defence of their ships; when, however, they saw that the Trojans were attacking the wall, while the Danaans were crying out for help and being routed, they rushed outside and fought in front of the gates like two wild boars upon the mountains that abide the attack of men and Dogs, and charging on either side break down the Wood all round them tearing it up by the roots, and one can hear the clattering of their tusks, till some one hits them and makes an end of them even so did the gleaming Bronze rattle about their breasts, as the weapons fell upon them; for they fought with great fury, trusting to their own prowess and to those who were on the wall above them.
ild.12 Before him he held his shield of hammered Bronze, that the smith had beaten so fair and round, and had lined with ox hides which he had made fast with rivets of Gold all round the shield; this he held in front of him, and brandishing his two spears came on like some Lion of the wilderness, who has been long famished for want of meat and will dare break even into a well fenced homestead to try and get at the Sheep.
ild.12 Many a man s body was wounded with the pitiless Bronze, as he turned round and bared his back to the foe, and many were struck clean through their shields; the wall and battlements were everywhere deluged with the blood alike of Trojans and of Achaeans.
ild.12 The gleaming Bronze flashed fiercely about his body and he had tow spears in his hand.
ild.13 So lightly did the Horses fly that the Bronze axle of the car was not even wet beneath it; and thus his bounding steeds took him to the ships of the Achaeans.
ild.13 Thus did he fall with his Bronze dight armour ringing harshly round him, and Teucer sprang forward with intent to strip him of his armour; but as he was doing so, Hector took aim at him with a spear.
ild.13 On this Meriones, peer of Mars, went to the tent and got himself a spear of Bronze.
ild.13 As when baneful Mars sallies forth to battle, and his son Panic so strong and dauntless goes with him, to strike terror even into the heart of a hero the pair have gone from Thrace to arm themselves among the Ephyri or the brave Phlegyans, but they will not listen to both the contending hosts, and will give victory to one side or to the other even so did Meriones and Idomeneus, captains of men, go out to battle clad in their Bronze armour.
ild.13 Great Ajax son of Telamon will yield to no man who is in mortal mould and eats the grain of Ceres, if Bronze and great stones can overthrow him.
ild.13 His cuirass of Bronze did not protect him, and the spear stuck in his belly, so that he fell heavily to the ground.
ild.13 He was longing to strike down Idomeneus, but ere he could do so Idomeneus smote him with his spear in the throat under the chin, and the Bronze point went clean through it.
ild.13 His Charioteer was struck with panic and did not dare turn his Horses round and escape: thereupon Antilochus hit him in the middle of his body with a spear; his cuirass of Bronze did not protect him, and the spear stuck in his belly.
ild.13 Deiphobus then came close up to Idomeneus to avenge Asius, and took aim at him with a spear, but Idomeneus was on the look out and avoided it, for he was covered by the round shield he always bore a shield of oxhide and Bronze with two arm rods on the inside.
ild.13 Then they fought furiously in close combat about the body of Alcathous, wielding their long spears; and the Bronze armour about their bodies rang fearfully as they took aim at one another in the press of the fight, while the two heroes Aeneas and Idomeneus, peers of Mars, outxied every one in their desire to hack at each other with sword and spear.
ild.13 Pisander then seized the Bronze battle axe, with its long and polished handle of Olive Wood that hung by his side under his shield, and the two made at one another.
ild.13 But Meriones aimed a Bronze tipped arrow at him as he was leaving the field, and hit him on the right buttock; the arrow pierced the bone through and through, and penetrated the bladder, so he sat down where he was and breathed his last in the arms of his comrades, stretched like a worm upon the ground and watering the earth with the blood that flowed from his wound.
ild.13 They had no Bronze helmets with plumes of Horse hair, neither had they shields nor ashen spears, but they had come to Troy armed with bows, and with slings of twisted wool from which they showered their missiles to break the ranks of the Trojans.
ild.13 The way was led by Hector son of Priam, peer of murderous Mars, with his round shield before him his shield of ox hides covered with plates of Bronze and his gleaming helmet upon his temples.
ild.14 As he spoke he took up the shield of his son Thrasymedes that was lying in his tent, all gleaming with Bronze, for Thrasymedes had taken his father s shield; he grasped his redoubtable Bronze shod spear, and as soon as he was outside saw the disastrous rout of the Achaeans who, now that their wall was overthrown, were flying pell mell before the Trojans.
ild.14 In the end he deemed it best to go to the son of Atreus; but meanwhile the hosts were fighting and killing one another, and the hard Bronze rattled on their bodies, as they thrust at one another with their swords and spears.
ild.14 She cleansed all the dirt from her fair body with ambrosia, then she anointed herself with Olive oil, ambrosial, very soft, and scented specially for herself if it were so much as shaken in the Bronze floored house of Jove, the scent pervaded the universe of heaven and earth.
ild.14 When they had donned their Bronze armour they marched on with Neptune at their head.
ild.14 His spear fell from his hand, but his shield and helmet were made fast about his body, and his Bronze armour rang about him.
ild.14 The son of Atreus then wounded Hyperenor shepherd of his people, in the flank, and the Bronze point made his entrails gush out as it tore in among them; on this his life came hurrying out of him at the place where he had been wounded, and his eyes were closed in darkness.
ild.15 She tore the helmet from his head and the shield from his shoulders, and she took the Bronze spear from his strong hand and set it on one side; then she said to Mars, Madman", you are undone; you have ears that hear not, or you have lost all judgement and understanding; have you not heard what Juno has said on coming straight from the presence of Olympian Jove? Do you wish to go through all kinds of suffering before you are brought back sick and sorry to Olympus, after having caused infinite mischief to all us others? Jove would instantly leave the Trojans and Achaeans to themselves; he would come to Olympus to punish us, and would grip us up one after another, guilty or not guilty.
ild.15 The two sides fought with their double pointed spears in hand to hand encounter the Trojans from their Chariots, and the Achaeans climbing up into their ships and wielding the long pikes that were lying on the decks ready for use in a sea fight, jointed and shod with Bronze.
ild.15 He hung a shield four hides thick about his shoulders, and on his comely head he set his helmet well wrought with a crest of Horse hair that nodded menacingly above it; he grasped his redoubtable Bronze shod spear, and forthwith he was by the side of Ajax.
ild.15 Then Meges struck the topmost crest of Dolops s Bronze helmet with his spear and tore away its plume of Horse hair, so that all newly dyed with scarlet as it was it tumbled down into the dust.
ild.15 They laid his words to heart and hedged the ships as with a wall of Bronze, while Jove urged on the Trojans.
ild.16 Ajax, therefore, had now nothing but a headless spear, while the Bronze point flew some way off and came ringing down on to the ground.
ild.16 He hung his Silver studded sword of Bronze about his shoulders, and then his mighty shield.
ild.16 Idomeneus speared Erymas in the mouth; the Bronze point of the spear went clean through it beneath the brain, crashing in among the white bones and smashing them up.
ild.16 As the sound of woodcutters in some forest glade upon the mountains and the thud of their axes is heard afar even such a din now rose from earth clash of Bronze armour and of good ox hide shields, as men smote each other with their swords and spears pointed at both ends.
ild.16 The Bronze shod spear, so great and so strong, was broken in the hand of Patroclus, while his shield that covered him from head to foot fell to the ground as did also the band that held it, and Apollo undid the fastenings of his corslet.
ild.16 Hector on this, seeing him to be wounded and giving ground, forced his way through the ranks, and when close up with him struck him in the lower part of the belly with a spear, driving the Bronze point right through it, so that he fell heavily to the ground to the great of the Achaeans.
ild.16 As he spoke he drew the Bronze spear from the wound, planting his foot upon the body, which he thrust off and let lie on its back.
ild.17 As a great wave that comes thundering in at the mouth of some heaven born river, and the rocks that jut into the sea ring with the roar of the breakers that beat and buffet them even with such a roar did the Trojans come on; but the Achaeans in singleness of heart stood firm about the son of Menoetius, and fenced him with their Bronze shields.
ild.17 At this moment Hippothous brave son of the Pelasgian Lethus, in his zeal for Hector and the Trojans, was dragging the body off by the foot through the press of the fight, having bound a strap round the sinews near the ancle; but a mischief soon befell him from which none of those could save him who would have gladly done so, for the son of Telamon sprang forward and smote him on his Bronze cheeked helmet.
ild.17 Hector then took aim at Ajax with a spear, but he saw it coming and just managed to avoid it; the spear passed on and struck Schedius son of noble Iphitus, captain of the Phoceans, who dwelt in famed Panopeus and reigned over much people; it struck him under the middle of the collar bone the Bronze point went right through him, coming out at the bottom of his shoulder blade, and his armour rang rattling round him as he fell heavily to the ground.
ild.17 The valiant son of Anchises was of the same mind, and the pair went right on, with their shoulders covered under shields of tough dry ox hide, overlaid with much Bronze.
ild.18 Have you not had enough of being cooped up behind walls? In the old days the city of Priam was famous the whole world over for its wealth of Gold and Bronze, but our treasures are wasted out of our houses, and much goods have been sold away to Phrygia and fair Meonia, for the hand of Jove has been laid heavily upon us.
ild.18 Meanwhile Thetis came to the house of Vulcan, imperishable, star bespangled, fairest of the abodes in heaven, a house of Bronze wrought by the lame God s own hands.
ild.18 Nine years did I stay with them, and many beautiful works in Bronze, brooches, spiral armlets, cups, and chains, did I make for them in their cave, with the roaring waters of Oceanus foaming as they rushed ever past it; and no one knew, neither of Gods nor men, save only Thetis and Eurynome who took care of me.
ild.18 Meanwhile the besiegers, when they heard much noise among the Cattle as they sat in council, sprang to their Horses, and made with all speed towards them; when they reached them they set battle in array by the banks of the river, and the hosts aimed their Bronze shod spears at one another.
ild.19 He slung the Silver studded sword of Bronze about his shoulders, and then took up the shield so great and strong that shone afar with a splendour as of the moon.
ild.20 No man may fight Achilles, for one of the Gods is always with him as his guardian angel, and even were it not so, his weapon flies ever straight, and fails not to pierce the flesh of him who is against him; if heaven would let me fight him on even terms he should not soon overcome me, though he boasts that he is made of Bronze.
ild.20 He held his strong shield before his breast, and brandished his Bronze spear.
ild.20 It went through two layers, but the God had made the shield in Five, two of Bronze, the two innermost ones of tin, and one of Gold; it was in this that the spear was stayed.
ild.20 Achilles in his turn threw, and struck the round shield of Aeneas at the very edge, where the Bronze was thinnest; the spear of Pelian ash went clean through, and the shield rang under the blow; Aeneas was afraid, and crouched backwards, holding the shield away from him; the spear, however, flew over his back, and stuck quivering in the ground, after having gone through both circles of the sheltering shield.
ild.20 Forthwith he shed a darkness before the eyes of the son of Peleus, drew the Bronze headed ashen spear from the shield of Aeneas, and laid it at the feet of Achilles.
ild.20 He struck him on the temple through his Bronze cheeked helmet.
ild.20 Achilles then went up to Mulius and struck him on the ear with a spear, and the Bronze spear head came right out at the other ear.
ild.20 Next in order the Bronze point of his spear wounded Deucalion in the fore arm where the sinews of the elbow are united, whereon he waited Achilles onset with his arm hanging down and death staring him in the face.
ild.21 With this he drew his Bronze spear out of the bank, and now that he had killed Asteropaeus, he let him lie where he was on the sand, with the dark water flowing over him and the eels and fishes busy nibbling and gnawing the fat that was about his kidneys.
ild.21 Meanwhile King Neptune turned to Apollo saying, Phoebus", why should we keep each other at arm s length? it is not well, now that the others have begun fighting; it will be disgraceful to us if we return to Jove s Bronze floored mansion on Olympus without having fought each other; therefore come on, you are the younger of the two, and I ought not to attack you, for I am older and have had more experience.
ild.21 Diana had now reached Jove s Bronze floored mansion on Olympus, and sat herself down with many tears on the knees of her father, while her ambrosial raiment was quivering all about her.
ild.21 What, then, if I go out and meet him in front of the city? His flesh too, I take it, can be pierced by pointed Bronze.
ild.22 Should they be still alive and in the hands of the Achaeans, we will ransom them with Gold and Bronze, of which we have store, for the old man Altes endowed his daughter richly; but if they are already dead and in the house of Hades, sorrow will it be to us two who were their parents; albeit the grief of others will be more short lived unless you too perish at the hands of Achilles.
ild.22 From his right shoulder he brandished his terrible spear of Pelian ash, and the Bronze gleamed around him like flashing fire or the rays of the rising sun.
ild.22 Achilles obeyed her gladly, and stood still, leaning on his Bronze pointed ashen spear, while Minerva left him and went after Hector in the form and with the voice of Deiphobus.
ild.22 Then Hector said, as the life ebbed out of him, "I pray you by your life and knees, and by your parents, let not Dogs devour me at the ships of the Achaeans, but accept the rich treasure of Gold and Bronze which my father and mother will offer you, and send my body home, that the Trojans and their wives may give me my dues of fire when I am dead.
ild.23 If you are sorry for him and so choose, you have much Gold in your tents, with Bronze, Sheep, Cattle and Horses.
ild.23 Antilochus", if you would have me find Eumelus another prize, I will give him the Bronze breastplate with a rim of tin running all round it which I took from Asteropaeus.
ild.23 Then uprose King Teucer, and Meriones the stalwart squire of Idomeneus rose also, They cast lots in a Bronze helmet and the lot of Teucer fell first.
ild.23 So he gave the Bronze spear to Meriones, and handed the goodly cauldron to Talthybius his esquire.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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