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ild.02 Agamemnon, king of men, sacrificed a fat Five year old Bull to the mighty son of Saturn, and invited the princes and elders of his host.
ild.02 They stood round the Bull with the barley meal in their hands, and Agamemnon prayed, saying, Jove", most glorious, supreme, that dwellest in heaven, and ridest upon the storm cloud, grant that the sun may not go down, nor the night fall, till the palace of Priam is laid low, and its gates are consumed with fire.
ild.02 As some great Bull that lords it over the herds upon the plain, even so did Jove make the son of Atreus stand peerless among the multitude of heroes.
ild.07 When they reached the quarters of the son of Atreus, Agamemnon sacrificed for them a Five year old Bull in honour of Jove the son of Saturn.
ild.10 Brave Thrasymedes provided the son of Tydeus with a sword and a shield (for he had left his own at his ship) and on his head he set a helmet of Bull s hide without either peak or crest; it is called a skull cap and is a common headgear.
ild.11 Thence in full panoply and equipment we came towards noon to the sacred waters of the Alpheus, and there we offered victims to almighty Jove, with a Bull to Alpheus, another to Neptune, and a herd heifer to Minerva.
ild.13 There did Meriones transfix him, and he writhed convulsively about the spear as some Bull whom mountain herdsmen have bound with ropes of withes and are taking away perforce.
ild.16 As when a Lion springs with a bound upon a herd of Cattle and fastens on a great black Bull which dies bellowing in its clutches even so did the leader of the Lycian warriors struggle in death as he fell by the hand of Patroclus.
ild.17 As he spoke he took the blood stained spoils and laid them upon his Chariot; then he mounted the car with his hands and feet all steeped in gore as a Lion that has been gorging upon a Bull.
ild.18 Two terrible Lions had fastened on a bellowing Bull that was with the foremost cows, and bellow as he might they haled him, while the Dogs and men gave chase: the Lions tore through the Bull s thick hide and were gorging on his blood and bowels, but the herdsmen were afraid to do anything, and only hounded on their Dogs; the Dogs dared not fasten on the Lions but stood by barking and keeping out of harm s way.
ild.20 He breathed his last, bellowing like a Bull bellows when young men are dragging him to offer him in sacrifice to the King of Helice, and the heart of the earth shaker is glad; even so did he bellow as he lay dying.
ild.21 These he cast out on to the land, bellowing like a Bull the while, but the living he saved alive, hiding them in his mighty eddies.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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