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ild.01 They have not raided my Cattle nor my Horses, nor cut down my harvests on the rich plains of Phthia; for between me and them there is a great space, both mountain and sounding sea.
ild.05 And now Aeneas, king of men, would have perished then and there, had not his mother, Jove s daughter Venus, who had conceived him by Anchises when he was herding Cattle, been quick to mark, and thrown her two white arms about the body of her dear son.
ild.05 As two Lions whom their dam has reared in the depths of some mountain forest to plunder homesteads and carry off Sheep and Cattle till they get killed by the hand of man, so were these two vanquished by Aeneas, and fell like high pine trees to the ground.
ild.06 But the son of Saturn made Glaucus take leave of his wits, for he exchanged Golden armour for Bronze, the worth of a hundred head of Cattle for the worth of nine.
ild.06 Achilles killed them as they were with their Sheep and Cattle.
ild.08 From this spot then, with a voice that could be heard afar, he shouted to the Danaans, saying, Argives", shame on you cowardly creatures, brave in semblance only; where are now our vaunts that we should prove victorious the vaunts we made so vaingloriously in Lemnos, when we ate the flesh of horned Cattle and filled our mixing bowls to the brim? You vowed that you would each of you stand against a hundred or two hundred men, and now you prove no match even for one for Hector, who will be ere long setting our ships in a blaze.
ild.08 Take your Horses out of their Chariots and give them their feeds of corn; then make speed to bring Sheep and Cattle from the city; bring wine also and corn for your Horses and gather much wood, that from dark till dawn we may burn watchfires whose flare may reach to heaven.
ild.08 They made haste to bring Sheep and Cattle from the city, they brought wine also and corn from their houses and gathered much wood.
ild.09 The men that dwell there are rich in Cattle and Sheep; they will honour him with gifts as though he were a God, and be obedient to his comfortable ordinances.
ild.09 The men that dwell there are rich in Cattle and Sheep; they will honour you with gifts as though were a God, and be obedient to your comfortable ordinances.
ild.09 Cattle and Sheep are to be had for harrying, and a man buy both tripods and Horses if he wants them, but when his life has once left him it can neither be bought nor harried back again.
ild.11 So there the poor fellow lay, sleeping a sleep as it were of Bronze, killed in the defence of his fellow citizens, far from his wedded wife, of whom he had had no joy though he had given much for her: he had given a hundred head of Cattle down, and had promised later on to give a thousand Sheep and Goats mixed, from the countless flocks of which he was possessed.
ild.11 Will he wait till the ships, do what we may, are in a blaze, and we perish one upon the other? As for me, I have no strength nor stay in me any longer; would that I Were still young and strong as in the days when there was a fight between us and the men of Elis about some Cattle raiding.
ild.11 We drove off a vast quantity of booty from the plain, Fifty herds of Cattle and as many flocks of Sheep; Fifty droves also of Pigs, and as many wide spreading flocks of Goats.
ild.11 My father chose a herd of Cattle and a great flock of Sheep three hundred in all and he took their shepherds with him, for there was a great debt due to him in Elis, to wit four Horses, winners of prizes.
ild.12 Still the Trojans and brave Hector would not yet have broken down the gates and the great bar, had not Jove turned his son Sarpedon against the Argives as a Lion against a herd of horned Cattle.
ild.14 Ajax fleet son of Oileus began by springing on Satnius son of Enops and wounding him with his spear: a fair naiad nymph had borne him to Enops as he was herding Cattle by the banks of the river Satnioeis.
ild.15 As when two wild beasts spring in the dead of night on a herd of Cattle or a large flock of Sheep when the herdsman is not there even so were the Danaans struck helpless, for Apollo filled them with panic and gave victory to Hector and the Trojans.
ild.15 The two then made towards him to strip him of his armour, but Hector called on all his brothers for help, and he especially upbraided brave Melanippus son of Hiketaon, who erewhile used to pasture his herds of Cattle in Percote before the war broke out; but when the ships of the Danaans came, he went back to Ilius, where he was eminent among the Trojans, and lived near Priam who treated him as one of his own sons.
ild.15 Antilochus, brave soldier though he was, would not stay to face him, but fled like some savage creature which knows it has done wrong, and flies, when it has killed a Dog or a man who is herding his Cattle, before a body of men can be gathered to attack it.
ild.15 Or as a savage Lion attacking a herd of cows while they are feeding by thousands in the low lying meadows by some wide watered shore the herdsman is at his wit s end how to protect his herd and keeps going about now in the van and now in the rear of his Cattle, while the Lion springs into the thick of them and fastens on a Cow so that they all tremble for fear even so were the Achaeans utterly panic stricken by Hector and father Jove.
ild.16 As when a Lion springs with a bound upon a herd of Cattle and fastens on a great black Bull which dies bellowing in its clutches even so did the leader of the Lycian warriors struggle in death as he fell by the hand of Patroclus.
ild.18 Some way off them there were two scouts who were on the look out for the coming of Sheep or Cattle, which presently came, followed by two shepherds who were playing on their pipes, and had not so much as a thought of danger.
ild.18 Meanwhile the besiegers, when they heard much noise among the Cattle as they sat in council, sprang to their Horses, and made with all speed towards them; when they reached them they set battle in array by the banks of the river, and the hosts aimed their Bronze shod spears at one another.
ild.18 He wrought also a herd of homed Cattle.
ild.18 Along with the Cattle there went four shepherds, all of them in Gold, and their Nine fleet Dogs went with them.
ild.20 His spear has already put me to Right from Ida, when he attacked our Cattle and sacked Lyrnessus and Pedasus; Jove indeed saved me in that he vouchsafed me strength to fly, else had the fallen by the hands of Achilles and Minerva, who went before him to protect him and urged him to fall upon the Lelegae and Trojans.
ild.20 Or as one who yokes broad browed Oxen that they may tread barley in a threshing floor and it is soon bruised small under the feet of the lowing Cattle even so did the Horses of Achilles trample on the shields and bodies of the slain.
ild.21 I built the Trojans the wall about their city, so wide and fair that it might be impregnable, while you, Phoebus, herded Cattle for him in the dales of many valleyed Ida.
ild.23 If you are sorry for him and so choose, you have much Gold in your tents, with Bronze, Sheep, Cattle and Horses.
ild.23 Thus did he pray, and Pallas Minerva heard his prayer; she made his hands and his feet feel light, and when the runners were at the point of pouncing upon the prize, Ajax, through Minerva s spite slipped upon some offal that was lying there from the Cattle which Achilles had slaughtered in honour of Patroclus, and his mouth and nostrils were all filled with Cow dung.
ild.23 Ajax son of Telamon threw third, and sent the quoit beyond any mark that had been made yet, but when mighty Polypoetes took the quoit he hurled it as though it had been a stockman s stick which he sends flying about among his Cattle when he is driving them, so far did his throw out distance those of the others.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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