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ild.08 Hector was greatly grieved at the loss of his Charioteer, but for all his sorrow he let him lie where he fell, and bade his brother Cebriones, who was hard by, take the reins.
ild.08 Cebriones did as he had said.
ild.11 Then Cebriones seeing the Trojans in confusion said to Hector from his place beside him, Hector", here are we two fighting on the extreme wing of the battle, while the other Trojans are in pell mell rout, they and their Horses.
ild.12 Cebriones was also joined with them as third in command, for Hector had left his Chariot in charge of a less valiant soldier.
ild.13 With these words he satisfied his brother, and the two went towards the part of the battle where the fight was thickest, about Cebriones, brave Polydamas, Phalces, Orthaeus, Godlike Polyphetes, Palmys, Ascanius, and Morys son of Hippotion, who had come from fertile Ascania on the preceding day to relieve other troops.
ild.16 With this the God went back into the hurly burly, and Hector bade Cebriones drive again into the fight.
ild.16 He stood still and threw it, nor did it go far without hitting some one; the cast was not in vain, for the stone struck Cebriones, Hector s Charioteer, a bastard son of Priam, as he held the reins in his hands.
ild.16 As he spoke he flung himself on Cebriones with the spring, as it were, of a Lion that while attacking a stockyard is himself struck in the chest, and his courage is his own bane even so furiously, O Patroclus, did you then spring upon Cebriones.
ild.16 The pair then fought over the body of Cebriones.
ild.16 As two Lions fight fiercely on some high mountain over the body of a stag that they have killed, even so did these two mighty warriors, Patroclus son of Menoetius and brave Hector, hack and hew at one another over the corpse of Cebriones.
ild.16 Many a pointed spear fell to ground and many a winged arrow sped from its bow string about the body of Cebriones; many a great stone, moreover, beat on many a shield as they fought around his body, but there he lay in the whirling clouds of dust, all huge and hugely, heedless of his driving now.
ild.16 So long as the sun was still high in mid heaven the weapons of either side were alike deadly, and the people fell; but when he went down towards the time when men loose their Oxen, the Achaeans proved to be beyond all forecast stronger, so that they drew Cebriones out of range of the darts and tumult of the Trojans, and stripped the armour from his shoulders.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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