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ild.02 King Mercury gave it to Pelops, the mighty Charioteer, and Pelops to Atreus, shepherd of his people.
ild.05 Menelaus struck him on the collar bone as he was standing on his Chariot, while Antilochus hit his Charioteer and squire Mydon, the son of Atymnius, who was turning his Horses in flight.
ild.05 Who, then, was first and who last to be slain by Mars and Hector? They were valiant Teuthras, and Orestes the renowned Charioteer, Trechus the Aetolian warrior, Oenomaus, Helenus the son of Oenops, and Oresbius of the gleaming girdle, who was possessed of great wealth, and dwelt by the Cephisian lake with the other Boeotians who lived near him, owners of a fertile country.
ild.06 Then Diomed killed Axylus son of Teuthranus, a rich man who lived in the strong city of Arisbe, and was beloved by all men; for he had a house by the roadside, and entertained every one who passed; howbeit not one of his guests stood before him to save his life, and Diomed killed both him and his squire Calesius, who was then his Charioteer so the pair passed beneath the earth.
ild.08 The old man instantly began cutting the traces with his sword, but Hector s fleet Horses bore down upon him through the rout with their bold Charioteer, even Hector himself, and the old man would have perished there and then had not Diomed been quick to mark, and with a loud cry called Ulysses to help him.
ild.08 He missed him, but struck his Charioteer and squire Eniopeus son of noble Thebaeus in the breast by the nipple while the reins were in his hands, so that he died there and then, and the Horses swerved as he fell headlong from the Chariot.
ild.08 Hector was greatly grieved at the loss of his Charioteer, but let him lie for all his sorrow, while he went in quest of another driver; nor did his steeds have to go long without one, for he presently found brave Archeptolemus the son of Iphitus, and made him get up behind the Horses, giving the reins into his hand.
ild.08 Again he aimed at Hector, for he was longing to hit him, and again his arrow missed, for Apollo turned it aside; but he hit Hector s brave Charioteer Archeptolemus in the breast, by the nipple, as he was driving furiously into the fight.
ild.08 Hector was greatly grieved at the loss of his Charioteer, but for all his sorrow he let him lie where he fell, and bade his brother Cebriones, who was hard by, take the reins.
ild.11 Every man now left his Horses in charge of his Charioteer to hold them in readiness by the trench, while he went into battle on foot clad in full armour, and a mighty uproar rose on high into the dawning.
ild.11 Agamemnon led them on, and slew first Bienor, a leader of his people, and afterwards his comrade and Charioteer Oileus, who sprang from his Chariot and was coming full towards him; but Agamemnon struck him on the forehead with his spear; his Bronze visor was of no avail against the weapon, which pierced both Bronze and bone, so that his brains were battered in and he was killed in full fight.
ild.11 He sprang on to his Chariot, and bade his Charioteer drive to the ships, for he was in great agony.
ild.11 With this the Charioteer turned his Horses towards the ships, and they flew forward nothing loth.
ild.11 Then he sprang on to his Chariot and bade the Charioteer drive him to the ships, for he was sick at heart.
ild.12 Each man then gave his Horses over to his Charioteer in charge to hold them ready for him at the trench.
ild.13 His Charioteer was struck with panic and did not dare turn his Horses round and escape: thereupon Antilochus hit him in the middle of his body with a spear; his cuirass of Bronze did not protect him, and the spear stuck in his belly.
ild.16 He stood still and threw it, nor did it go far without hitting some one; the cast was not in vain, for the stone struck Cebriones, Hector s Charioteer, a bastard son of Priam, as he held the reins in his hands.
ild.17 Hot tears fell from their eyes as they mourned the loss of their Charioteer, and their noble manes drooped all wet from under the yokestraps on either side the yoke.
ild.17 Hector then aimed at Idomeneus son of Deucalion as he was standing on his Chariot, and very narrowly missed him, but the spear hit Coiranus, a follower and Charioteer of Meriones who had come with him from Lyctus.
ild.24 Miserable man that I am, I have had the bravest sons in all Troy noble Nestor, Troilus the dauntless Charioteer, and Hector who was a God among men, so that one would have thought he was son to an immortal yet there is not one of them left.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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