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ild.02 The famous spearsman Idomeneus led the Cretans, who held Cnossus, and the well walled city of Gortys; Lyctus also, Miletus and Lycastus that lies upon the chalk; the populous towns of Phaestus and Rhytium, with the other peoples that dwelt in the hundred cities of Crete.
ild.03 "That," answered Helen, "is huge Ajax, bulwark of the Achaeans, and on the other side of him, among the Cretans, stands Idomeneus looking like a God, and with the captains of the Cretans round him.
ild.04 Passing through the crowd, he came presently on the Cretans, arming round Idomeneus, who was at their head, fierce as a wild boar, while Meriones was bringing up the battalions that were in the rear.
ild.13 Idomeneus"," said he, "lawgiver to the Cretans, what has now become of the threats with which the sons of the Achaeans used to threaten the Trojans?"
ild.13 And Idomeneus chief among the Cretans answered, Thoas", no one, so far as I know, is in fault, for we can all fight.
ild.13 And Idomeneus captain of the Cretans answered, "You will find one spear, or Twenty if you so please, standing up against the end wall of my tent.
ild.23 Idomeneus captain of the Cretans was first to make out the running, for he was not in the thick of the crowd, but stood on the most commanding part of the ground.
ild.23 The captain of the Cretans was angry, and answered, Ajax" you are an excellent railer, but you have no judgement, and are wanting in much else as well, for you have a vile temper.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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