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ild.02 From these there came Fifty ships, and in each there were a hundred and Twenty young men of the Boeotians.
ild.02 Of these there came Fifty ships.
ild.02 With him there came Fifty ships.
ild.02 Those again who held Pelasgic Argos, Alos, Alope, and Trachis; and those of Phthia and Hellas the land of fair Women, who were called Myrmidons, Hellenes, and Achaeans; these had Fifty ships, over which Achilles was in command.
ild.02 And those that held Methone and Thaumacia, with Meliboea and rugged Olizon, these were led by the skilful archer Philoctetes, and they had Seven ships, each with Fifty oarsmen all of them good archers; but Philoctetes was lying in great pain in the Island of Lemnos, where the sons of the Achaeans left him, for he had been bitten by a poisonous water snake.
ild.04 The Cadmeans were incensed at his success, and set a force of Fifty youths with two captains the Godlike hero Maeon, son of Haemon, and Polyphontes, son of Autophonus at their head, to lie in wait for him on his return journey; but Tydeus slew every man of them, save only Maeon, whom he let go in obedience to heaven s omens.
ild.05 When they came to the part where the bravest and most in number were gathered about mighty Diomed, fighting like Lions or wild boars of great strength and endurance, there Juno stood still and raised a shout like that of brazen voiced Stentor, whose cry was as loud as that of Fifty men together.
ild.06 In it there were Fifty bedchambers all of hewn stone built near one another, where the sons of Priam slept, each with his wedded wife.
ild.08 A thousand camp fires gleamed upon the plain, and in the glow of each there sat Fifty men, while the Horses, champing oats and corn beside their Chariots, waited till dawn should come.
ild.09 They bade him choose Fifty plough gates, the most fertile in the plain of Calydon, the one half vineyard and the other open plough land.
ild.11 We drove off a vast quantity of booty from the plain, Fifty herds of Cattle and as many flocks of Sheep; Fifty droves also of Pigs, and as many wide spreading flocks of Goats.
ild.11 Of Horses moreover we seized a hundred and Fifty, all of them mares, and many had foals running with them.
ild.11 The Epeans fled in all directions when they saw the captain of their Horsemen (the best man they had) laid low, and I swept down on them like a whirlwind, taking Fifty Chariots and in each of them two men bit the dust, slain by my spear.
ild.16 Fifty ships had noble Achilles brought to Troy, and in each there was a crew of Fifty oarsmen.
ild.23 He looked all sorrowfully out upon the dark sea, and said, Spercheius", in vain did my father Peleus vow to you that when I returned home to my loved native land I should cut off this lock and offer you a holy Hecatomb; Fifty she Goats was I to sacrifice to you there at your springs, where is your grove and your altar fragrant with burnt offerings.
ild.24 I had Fifty sons when the Achaeans came here; Nineteen of them were from a single womb, and the others were borne to me by the Women of my household.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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