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ild.02 The chiefs disposed their men this way and that before the fight began, drafting them out as easily as Goat herds draft their flocks when they have got mixed while feeding; and among them went King Agamemnon, with a head and face like Jove the lord of thunder, a waist like Mars, and a chest like that of Neptune.
ild.03 Menelaus saw him thus stride out before the ranks, and was glad as a hungry Lion that lights on the carcase of some Goat or horned stag, and devours it there and then, though Dogs and youths set upon him.
ild.04 As when a Goat herd from some high post watches a storm drive over the deep before the west wind black as pitch is the offing and a mighty whirlwind draws towards him, so that he is afraid and drives his flock into a cave even thus did the ranks of stalwart youths move in a dark mass to battle under the Ajaxes, horrid with shield and spear.
ild.06 When he had received the wicked letter he first commanded Bellerophon to kill that savage monster, the Chimaera, who was not a human being, but a Goddess, for she had the head of a Lion and the tail of a Serpent, while her body was that of a Goat, and she breathed forth flames of fire; but Bellerophon slew her, for he was guided by signs from heaven.
ild.09 Patroclus did as his comrade bade him; he set the chopping block in front of the fire, and on it he laid the loin of a Sheep, the loin also of a Goat, and the chine of a fat hog.
ild.11 In this the Woman, as fair as a Goddess, mixed them a mess with Pramnian wine; she grated Goat s milk cheese into it with a Bronze grater, threw in a handful of white barley meal, and having thus prepared the mess she bade them drink it.
ild.13 As two Lions snatch a Goat from the hounds that have it in their fangs, and bear it through thick brushwood high above the ground in their jaws, thus did the Ajaxes bear aloft the body of Imbrius, and strip it of its armour.
ild.15 As country peasants set their hounds on to a homed stag or wild Goat he has taken shelter under rock or thicket, and they cannot find him, but, lo, a bearded Lion whom their shouts have roused stands in their path, and they are in no further humour for the chase even so the Achaeans were still charging on in a body, using their swords and spears pointed at both ends, but when they saw Hector going about among his men they were afraid, and their hearts fell down into their feet.
ild.23 Many a goodly ox, with many a Sheep and bleating Goat did they butcher and cut up; many a tusked boar moreover, fat and well fed, did they singe and set to roast in the flames of Vulcan; and rivulets of blood flowed all round the place where the body was lying.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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