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ild.01 Sing, O Goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, that brought countless ills upon the Achaeans.
ild.01 Goddess"," answered Achilles, "however angry a man may be, he must do as you two command him.
ild.01 You are strong, and have a Goddess for your mother; but Agamemnon is stronger than you, for he has more people under him.
ild.01 It was you, Goddess, who delivered him by calling to Olympus the hundred handed monster whom Gods call Briareus, but men Aegaeon, for he is stronger even than his father; when therefore he took his seat all glorious beside the son of Saturn, the other Gods were afraid, and did not bind him.
ild.01 When the pair had thus laid their plans, they parted Jove to his house, while the Goddess quitted the splendour of Olympus, and plunged into the depths of the sea.
ild.02 The Goddess Dawn now wended her way to vast Olympus that she might herald day to Jove and to the other immortals, and Agamemnon sent the criers round to call the people in assembly; so they called them and the people gathered thereon.
ild.02 Ulysses knew the voice as that of the Goddess: he flung his cloak from him and set off to run.
ild.02 Thus she spoke, but Hector knew that it was the Goddess, and at once broke up the assembly.
ild.02 The Dardanians were led by brave Aeneas, whom Venus bore to Anchises, when she, Goddess though she was, had lain with him upon the mountain slopes of Ida.
ild.03 Thus spoke the Goddess, and Helen s heart yearned after her former husband, her city, and her parents.
ild.03 When she marked the beautiful neck of the Goddess, her lovely bosom, and sparkling eyes, she marvelled at her and said, Goddess", why do you thus beguile me? Are you going to send me afield still further to some man whom you have taken up in Phrygia or fair Meonia? Menelaus has just vanquished Alexandrus, and is to take my hateful self back with him.
ild.03 Go sit with Alexandrus yourself; henceforth be Goddess no longer; never let your feet carry you back to Olympus; worry about him and look after him till he make you his wife, or, for the matter of that, his slave but me? I shall not go; I can garnish his bed no longer; I should be a by word among all the Women of Troy.
ild.03 She wrapped her mantle about her and went in silence, following the Goddess and unnoticed by the Trojan Women.
ild.03 When they came to the house of Alexandrus the maid servants set about their work, but Helen went into her own room, and the laughter loving Goddess took a seat and set it for her facing Alexandrus.
ild.05 Now the son of Tydeus was in pursuit of the Cyprian Goddess, spear in hand, for he knew her to be feeble and not one of those Goddesses that can lord it among men in battle like Minerva or Enyo the waster of cities, and when at last after a long chase he caught her up, he flew at her and thrust his spear into the flesh of her delicate hand.
ild.05 The Goddess went dazed and discomfited away, and Iris, fleet as the wind, drew her from the throng, in pain and with her fair skin all besmirched.
ild.05 Now when the Goddess Juno saw the Argives thus falling, she said to Minerva, "Alas, daughter of aegis bearing Jove, unweariable, the promise we made Menelaus that he should not return till he had sacked the city of Ilius will be of none effect if we let Mars rage thus furiously.
ild.05 Thereon the august Goddess, daughter of great Saturn, began to harness her gold bedizened steeds.
ild.05 The Goddess laid her hand on the yoke of his Horses and said, "The son of Tydeus is not such another as his father.
ild.05 Diomed answered, "I know you, Goddess, daughter of aegis bearing Jove, and will hide nothing from you.
ild.05 In a second he was on the ground, whereupon the Goddess mounted the car and placed herself by the side of Diomed.
ild.05 The oaken axle groaned aloud under the burden of the awful Goddess and the hero; Pallas Minerva took the whip and reins, and drove straight at Mars.
ild.06 Tell her to bid the matrons gather at the temple of Minerva in the acropolis; let her then take her key and open the doors of the sacred building; there, upon the knees of Minerva, let her lay the largest, fairest robe she has in her house the one she sets most store by; let her, moreover, promise to sacrifice Twelve yearling heifers that have never yet felt the goad, in the temple of the Goddess, if she will take pity on the town, with the wives and little ones of the Trojans, and keep the son of Tydeus from falling on the goodly city of Ilius; for he fights with fury and fills men s souls with panic.
ild.06 I hold him mightiest of them all; we did not fear even their great champion Achilles, son of a Goddess though he be, as we do this man: his rage is beyond all bounds, and there is none can vie with him in prowess"
ild.06 When he had received the wicked letter he first commanded Bellerophon to kill that savage monster, the Chimaera, who was not a human being, but a Goddess, for she had the head of a Lion and the tail of a Serpent, while her body was that of a Goat, and she breathed forth flames of fire; but Bellerophon slew her, for he was guided by signs from heaven.
ild.06 Get the matrons together, and go with offerings to the temple of Minerva driver of the spoil; there, upon the knees of Minerva, lay the largest and fairest robe you have in your house the one you set most store by; promise, moreover, to sacrifice Twelve yearling heifers that have never yet felt the goad, in the temple of the Goddess if she will take pity on the town, with the wives and little ones of the Trojans, and keep the son of Tydeus from off the goodly city of Ilius, for he fights with fury, and fills men s souls with panic.
ild.06 The Women lifted up their hands to the Goddess with a loud cry, and Theano took the robe to lay it upon the knees of Minerva, praying the while to the daughter of great Jove.
ild.06 "Holy Minerva," she cried, "protectress of our city, mighty Goddess, break the spear of Diomed and lay him low before the Scaean gates.
ild.06 Seeing, then, that she was not within, he stood on the threshold of the Women s rooms and said, Women", tell me, and tell me true, where did Andromache go when she left the house? Was it to my sisters, or to my brothers wives? or is she at the temple of Minerva where the other Women are propitiating the awful Goddess?"
ild.08 Let none of you neither Goddess nor god try to cross me, but obey me every one of you that I may bring this matter to an end.
ild.08 It will take you all Ten years to heal the wounds his lightning will inflict upon you, that you may learn, grey eyed Goddess, what quarrelling with your father means.
ild.09 Thereon the archer Goddess in her displeasure sent a prodigious creature against him a savage wild boar with great white tusks that did much harm to his orchard lands, uprooting apple trees in full bloom and throwing them to the ground.
ild.09 On this the Goddess set the Curetes and the Aetolians fighting furiously about the head and skin of the boar.
ild.10 I never saw nor heard tell of any man as having wrought such ruin in one day as Hector has now wrought against the sons of the Achaeans and that too of his own unaided self, for he is son neither to God nor Goddess.
ild.10 He left the Achaeans by the banks of the river Aesopus, and went to the city bearing a message of peace to the Cadmeians; on his return thence, with your help, Goddess, he did great deeds of daring, for you were his ready helper.
ild.10 Ulysses hung them up aloft in honour of Minerva the Goddess of plunder, and prayed saying, "Accept these, Goddess, for we give them to you in preference to all the Gods in Olympus: therefore speed us still further towards the Horses and sleeping ground of the Thracians.
ild.10 Diomed knew that it was the Goddess, and at once sprang upon the Horses.
ild.11 In this the Woman, as fair as a Goddess, mixed them a mess with Pramnian wine; she grated Goat s milk cheese into it with a Bronze grater, threw in a handful of white barley meal, and having thus prepared the mess she bade them drink it.
ild.14 Never yet have I been so overpowered by passion neither for Goddess nor mortal Woman as I am at this moment for yourself not even when I was in love with the wife of Ixion who bore me Pirithous, peer of Gods in counsel, nor yet with Danae the daintily ancled daughter of Acrisius, who bore me the famed hero Perseus.
ild.15 Neptune answered, Goddess" Iris, your words have been spoken in season.
ild.16 When Ilithuia Goddess of the pains of child birth brought him to the light of day, and he saw the face of the sun, mighty Echecles son of Actor took the mother to wife, and gave great wealth to gain her, but her father Phylas brought the child up, and took care of him, doting as fondly upon him as though he were his own son.
ild.18 Thus, then, did her feet bear the Goddess to Olympus, and meanwhile the Achaeans were flying with loud cries before murderous Hector till they reached the ships and the Hellespont, and they could not draw the body of Mars s servant Patroclus out of reach of the weapons that were showered upon him, for Hector son of Priam with his host and Horsemen had again caught up to him like the flame of a fiery furnace; thrice did brave Hector seize him by the feet, striving with might and main to draw him away and calling loudly on the Trojans, and thrice did the two Ajaxes, clothed in valour as with a garment, beat him from off the body; but all undaunted he would now charge into the thick of the fight, and now again he would stand still and cry aloud, but he would give no ground.
ild.18 Ringing as the note of a trumpet that sounds alarm then the foe is at the gates of a city, even so brazen was the voice of the son of Aeacus, and when the Trojans heard its clarion tones they were dismayed; the Horses turned back with their Chariots for they boded mischief, and their drivers were awe struck by the steady flame which the grey eyed Goddess had kindled above the head of the great son of Peleus.
ild.18 The Goddess led the way as she spoke, and bade Thetis sit on a richly decorated seat inlaid with Silver; there was a footstool also under her feet.
ild.18 Then she called Vulcan and said, Vulcan", come here, Thetis wants you"; and the far famed lame God answered, "Then it is indeed an august and honoured Goddess who has come here; she it was that took care of me when I was suffering from the heavy fall which I had through my cruel mother s anger for she would have got rid of me because I was lame.
ild.18 Thetis wept and answered, Vulcan", is there another Goddess in Olympus whom the son of Saturn has been pleased to try with so much affliction as he has me? Me alone of the marine Goddesses did he make subject to a mortal husband, Peleus son of Aeacus, and sorely against my will did I submit to the embraces of one who was but mortal, and who now stays at home worn out with age.
ild.19 Beautiful as a Goddess she wept and said, Patroclus", dearest friend, when I went hence I left you living; I return, O prince, to find you dead; thus do fresh sorrows multiply upon me one after the other.
ild.20 Neptune also, lord of the earthquake, obeyed the call of the Goddess, and came up out of the sea to join them.
ild.20 Mars of gleaming helmet joined the Trojans, and with him Apollo of locks unshorn, and the archer Goddess Diana, Leto, Xanthus, and laughter loving Venus.
ild.20 Then said King Apollo, son to Jove, "Nay, hero, pray to the ever living Gods, for men say that you were born of Jove s daughter Venus, whereas Achilles is son to a Goddess of inferior rank.
ild.21 The son of Saturn drew her towards him, and laughing pleasantly the while began to question her saying, "Which of the heavenly beings, my dear child, has been treating you in this cruel manner, as though you had been misconducting yourself in the face of everybody?" and the fair crowned Goddess of the chase answered, "It was your wife Juno, father, who has been beating me; it is always her doing when there is any quarrelling among the immortals.
ild.23 Then he said to the Argives, "Alas, the Goddess has spoiled my running; she watches over Ulysses and stands by him as though she were his own mother.
ild.24 "This were well," she cried, "O lord of the Silver bow, if you would give like honour to Hector and to Achilles; but Hector was mortal and suckled at a Woman s breast, whereas Achilles is the offspring of a Goddess whom I myself reared and brought up.
ild.24 The Goddess took her dark veil, than which there can be no robe more sombre, and went forth with fleet Iris leading the way before her.
ild.24 "So, Goddess," said he, "for all your sorrow, and the grief that I well know reigns ever in your heart, you have come hither to Olympus, and I will tell you why I have sent for you.
ild.24 Had it been some mortal man who had sent me some prophet or priest who divines from sacrifice I should have deemed him false and have given him no heed; but now I have heard the Goddess and seen her face to face, therefore I will go and her saying shall not be in vain.
ild.24 Even so did it befall Peleus; the Gods endowed him with all good things from his birth upwards, for he reigned over the Myrmidons excelling all men in prosperity and wealth, and mortal though he was they gave him a Goddess for his bride.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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