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ild.02 And now, O Muses, dwellers in the mansions of Olympus, tell me for you are Goddesses and are in all places so that you see all things, while we know nothing but by report who were the chiefs and princes of the Danaans? As for the common soldiers, they were so that I could not name every single one of them though I had Ten tongues, and though my voice failed not and my heart were of Bronze within me, unless you, O Olympian Muses, daughters of aegis bearing Jove, were to recount them to me.
ild.04 Menelaus"," said he, "has two good friends among the Goddesses, Juno of Argos, and Minerva of Alalcomene, but they only sit still and look on, while Venus keeps ever by Alexandrus side to defend him in any danger; indeed she has just rescued him when he made sure that it was all over with him for the victory really did lie with Menelaus.
ild.05 Now the son of Tydeus was in pursuit of the Cyprian Goddess, spear in hand, for he knew her to be feeble and not one of those Goddesses that can lord it among men in battle like Minerva or Enyo the waster of cities, and when at last after a long chase he caught her up, he flew at her and thrust his spear into the flesh of her delicate hand.
ild.05 Through these the Goddesses drove their obedient steeds, and found the son of Saturn sitting all alone on the topmost ridges of Olympus.
ild.05 She hid them in a thick cloud, and Simois made ambrosia spring up for them to eat; the two Goddesses then went on, flying like turtledoves in their eagerness to help the Argives.
ild.07 "What would you have said he, "daughter of great Jove, that your proud spirit has sent you hither from Olympus? Have you no pity upon the Trojans, and would you incline the scales of victory in favour of the Danaans? Let me persuade you for it will be better thus stay the combat for to day, but let them renew the fight hereafter till they compass the doom of Ilius, since you Goddesses have made up your minds to destroy the city.
ild.08 "Hear me," said he, "gods and Goddesses, that I may speak even as I am minded.
ild.08 Hangs me a Golden chain from heaven, and lay hold of it all of you, Gods and Goddesses together tug as you will, you will not drag Jove the supreme counsellor from heaven to earth; but were I to pull at it myself I should draw you up with earth and sea into the bargain, then would I bind the chain about some pinnacle of Olympus and leave you all dangling in the mid firmament.
ild.08 Through these the Goddesses drove their obedient steeds.
ild.08 She met the Goddesses at the outer gates of its many valleys and gave them her message.
ild.08 The two Goddesses then sat down upon their Golden thrones, amid the company of the other Gods; but they were very angry.
ild.11 As the sharp pangs which the Eilithuiae, Goddesses of childbirth, daughters of Juno and dispensers of cruel pain, send upon a Woman when she is in labour even so sharp were the pangs of the son of Atreus.
ild.14 Jove s daughter Venus answered, Juno", august queen of Goddesses, daughter of mighty Saturn, say what you want, and I will do it for at once, if I can, and if it can be done at all.
ild.14 Then Sleep answered, Juno", great queen of Goddesses, daughter of mighty Saturn, I would lull any other of the gods to sleep without compunction, not even excepting the waters of Oceanus from whom all of them proceed, but I dare not go near Jove, nor send him to sleep unless he bids me.
ild.18 Then Achilles gave a loud cry and his mother heard him as she was sitting in the depths of the sea by the old man her father, whereon she screamed, and all the Goddesses daughters of Nereus that dwelt at the bottom of the sea, came gathering round her.
ild.18 And Juno answered, Dread" son of Saturn, why should you say this thing? May not a man though he be only mortal and knows less than we do, do what he can for another person? And shall not I foremost of all Goddesses both by descent and as wife to you who reign in heaven devise evil for the Trojans if I am angry with them?"
ild.18 Thetis wept and answered, Vulcan", is there another Goddess in Olympus whom the son of Saturn has been pleased to try with so much affliction as he has me? Me alone of the marine Goddesses did he make subject to a mortal husband, Peleus son of Aeacus, and sorely against my will did I submit to the embraces of one who was but mortal, and who now stays at home worn out with age.
ild.19 He told it out among the Gods saying, Hear me all Gods and Goddesses, that I may speak even as I am minded; this day shall an Ilithuia, helper of Women who are in labour, bring a man child into the world who shall be lord over all that dwell about him who are of my blood and lineage.
ild.24 All were of this mind save only Juno, Neptune, and Jove s grey eyed daughter, who persisted in the hate which they had ever borne towards Ilius with Priam and his people; for they forgave not the wrong done them by Alexandrus in disdaining the Goddesses who came to him when he was in his Sheepyards, and preferring her who had offered him a wanton to his ruin.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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