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ild.01 And which of the Gods was it that set them on to quarrel? It was the son of Jove and Leto; for he was angry with the king and sent a pestilence upon the host to plague the people, because the son of Atreus had dishonoured Chryses his priest.
ild.01 Sons" of Atreus," he cried, "and all other Achaeans, may the Gods who dwell in Olympus grant you to sack the city of Priam, and to reach your homes in safety; but free my daughter, and accept a ransom for her, in reverence to Apollo, son of Jove.
ild.01 This will be best, for the Gods ever hear the prayers of him who has obeyed them.
ild.01 Then she went back to Olympus among the other Gods, and to the house of aegis bearing Jove.
ild.01 Granted that the Gods have made him a great warrior, have they also given him the right to speak with railing?"
ild.01 They stood fearfully and reverently before him, and never a word did they speak, but he knew them and said, "Welcome, heralds, messengers of Gods and men; draw near; my quarrel is not with you but with Agamemnon who has sent you for the girl Briseis.
ild.01 Therefore, Patroclus, bring her and give her to them, but let them be witnesses by the blessed Gods, by mortal men, and by the fierceness of Agamemnon s anger, that if ever again there be need of me to save the people from ruin, they shall seek and they shall not find.
ild.01 It was you, Goddess, who delivered him by calling to Olympus the hundred handed monster whom Gods call Briareus, but men Aegaeon, for he is stronger even than his father; when therefore he took his seat all glorious beside the son of Saturn, the other Gods were afraid, and did not bind him.
ild.01 For Jove went yesterday to Oceanus, to a feast among the Ethiopians, and the other Gods went with him.
ild.01 Now after Twelve days the immortal Gods came back in a body to Olympus, and Jove led the way.
ild.01 At this Jove was much troubled and answered, "I shall have trouble if you set me quarrelling with Juno, for she will provoke me with her taunting speeches; even now she is always railing at me before the other Gods and accusing me of giving aid to the Trojans.
ild.01 The Gods rose from their seats, before the coming of their sire.
ild.01 Trickster"," she cried, "which of the Gods have you been taking into your counsels now? You are always settling matters in secret behind my back, and have never yet told me, if you could help it, one word of your intentions.
ild.01 Juno"," replied the sire of Gods and men, "you must not expect to be informed of all my counsels.
ild.01 Then Vulcan drew sweet nectar from the mixing bowl, and served it round among the Gods, going from left to right; and the blessed Gods laughed out a loud applause as they saw him ing bustling about the heavenly mansion.
ild.02 Now the other Gods and the armed warriors on the plain slept soundly, but Jove was wakeful, for he was thinking how to do honour to Achilles, and destroyed much people at the ships of the Achaeans.
ild.02 There are no longer divided counsels among the Gods; Juno has brought them to her own mind, and woe betides the Trojans.
ild.02 There are no longer divided counsels among the Gods; Juno has brought them over to her own mind, and woe betides the Trojans at the hands of Jove.
ild.02 There are no longer divided counsels among the Gods; Juno has brought them over to her own mind, and woe betides the Trojans at the hands of Jove.
ild.02 We were ranged round about a fountain offering Hecatombs to the Gods upon their holy altars, and there was a fine plane tree from beneath which there welled a stream of pure water.
ild.02 There they lighted their fires at their tents and got dinner, offering sacrifice every man to one or other of the Gods, and praying each one of them that he might live to come out of the fight.
ild.02 First he asked Nestor and King Idomeneus, then the two Ajaxes and the son of Tydeus, and Sixthly Ulysses, peer of Gods in counsel; but Menelaus came of his own accord, for he knew how busy his brother then was.
ild.02 during which he suffered great hardship, he came to Rhodes, where the people divided into three communities, according to their tribes, and were dearly loved by Jove, the lord, of Gods and men; wherefore the son of Saturn showered down great riches upon them.
ild.02 Men call it Batieia, but the Gods know that it is the tomb of lithe Myrine.
ild.03 Still, taunt me not with the gifts that Golden Venus has given me; they are precious; let not a man disdain them, for the Gods give them where they are minded, and none can have them for the asking.
ild.03 I lay no blame upon you, it is the Gods, not you who are to blame.
ild.03 Then they poured wine from the mixing bowl into the cups, and prayed to the everlasting Gods, saying, Trojans and Achaeans among one another, Jove", most great and glorious, and ye other everlasting Gods, grant that the brains of them who shall first sin against their oaths of them and their children may be shed upon the ground even as this wine, and let their wives become the slaves of strangers.
ild.03 Then the son of Atreus drew his sword, and drove at the projecting part of his helmet, but the sword fell shivered in three or four pieces from his hand, and he cried, looking towards Heaven, Father" Jove, of all Gods thou art the most despiteful; I made sure of my revenge, but the sword has broken in my hand, my spear has been hurled in vain, and I have not killed him.
ild.03 This time, with the help of Minerva, Menelaus has vanquished me; another time I may myself be victor, for I too have Gods that will stand by me.
ild.04 Now the Gods were sitting with Jove in council upon the Golden floor while Hebe went round pouring out nectar for them to drink, and as they pledged one another in their cups of Gold they looked down upon the town of Troy.
ild.04 Dread" son of Saturn," said she, "what, pray, is the meaning of all this? Is my trouble, then, to go for nothing, and the sweat that I have sweated, to say nothing of my Horses, while getting the people together against Priam and his children? Do as you will, but we other Gods shall not all of us approve your counsel.
ild.04 I am Saturn s eldest daughter, and am honourable not on this ground only, but also because I am your wife, and you are king over the Gods.
ild.04 Let it be a case, then, of give and take between us, and the rest of the Gods will follow our lead.
ild.04 The sire of Gods and men heeded her words, and said to Minerva, "Go at once into the Trojan and Achaean hosts, and contrive that the Trojans shall be the first to break their oaths and set upon the Achaeans.
ild.04 But the blessed Gods did not forget thee, O Menelaus, and Jove s daughter, driver of the spoil, was the first to stand before thee and ward off the piercing arrow.
ild.04 And Nestor, knight of Gerene, answered, Son" of Atreus, I too would gladly be the man I was when I slew mighty Ereuthalion; but the Gods will not give us everything at one and the same time.
ild.04 Enough; I will make you amends for what I have said, and if any ill has now been spoken may the Gods bring it to nothing.
ild.04 We boast ourselves as even better men than our fathers; we took Seven gated Thebes, though the wall was stronger and our men were fewer in number, for we trusted in the omens of the Gods and in the help of Jove, whereas they perished through their own sheer folly; hold not, then, our fathers in like honour with us.
ild.05 Moreover, I have withdrawn the veil from your eyes, that you know Gods and men apart.
ild.05 The point tore through the ambrosial robe which the Graces had woven for her, and pierced the skin between her wrist and the palm of her hand, so that the immortal blood, or ichor, that flows in the veins of the blessed Gods, came pouring from the wound; for the Gods do not eat bread nor drink wine, hence they have no blood such as ours, and are immortal.
ild.05 "Dear brother," she cried, "save me, and give me your Horses to take me to Olympus where the Gods dwell.
ild.05 She lashed her Horses on and they flew forward nothing loth, till in a trice they were at high Olympus, where the Gods have their dwelling.
ild.05 Daring, head strong, evildoer who recked not of his sin in shooting the Gods that dwell in Olympus.
ild.05 And now Minerva has egged this son of Tydeus on against yourself, fool that he is for not reflecting that no man who fights with Gods will live long or hear his children prattling about his knees when he returns from battle.
ild.05 The sire of Gods and men smiled, and called Golden Venus to his side.
ild.05 When he was coming on for the fourth time, as though he were a God, Apollo shouted to him with an awful voice and said, "Take heed, son of Tydeus, and draw off; think not to match yourself against Gods, for men that walk the earth cannot hold their own with the immortals.
ild.05 Keep your faces therefore towards the Trojans, but give ground backwards, for we dare not fight with Gods.
ild.05 As far as a man can see when he looks out upon the sea from some high beacon, so far can the loud neighing Horses of the Gods spring at a single bound.
ild.05 I am only following your own instructions; you told me not to fight any of the blessed Gods; but if Jove s daughter Venus came into battle I was to wound her with my spear.
ild.05 With all speed he reached high Olympus, home of the Gods, and in great pain sat down beside Jove the son of Saturn.
ild.05 He showed Jove the immortal blood that was flowing from his wound, and spoke piteously, saying, Father" Jove, are you not angered by such doings? We Gods are continually suffering in the most cruel manner at one another s hands while helping mortals; and we all owe you a grudge for having begotten that mad termagant of a daughter, who is always committing outrage of some kind.
ild.05 We other Gods must all do as you bid us, but her you neither scold nor punish; you encourage her because the pestilent creature is your daughter.
ild.05 See how she has been inciting proud Diomed to vent his rage on the immortal Gods.
ild.05 I hate you worst of all the Gods in Olympus, for you are ever fighting and making mischief.
ild.06 And Hector shouted to the Trojans, Trojans" and allies, be men, my friends, and fight with might and main, while I go to Ilius and tell the old men of our council and our wives to pray to the Gods and vow Hecatombs in their honour.
ild.06 If, however, you are one of the immortals and have come down from heaven, I will not fight you; for even valiant Lycurgus, son of Dryas, did not live long when he took to fighting with the Gods.
ild.06 Thereon the Gods who live at ease were angry with Lycurgus and the son of Saturn struck him blind, nor did he live much longer after he had become hateful to the immortals.
ild.06 Therefore I will not fight with the blessed Gods; but if you are of them that eat the fruit of the ground, draw near and meet your doom.
ild.06 He bade Bellerophon show these letters to his father in law, to the end that he might thus perish; Bellerophon therefore went to Lycia, and the Gods convoyed him safely.
ild.06 But, since the Gods have devised these evils, would, at any rate, that I had been wife to a better man to one who could smart under dishonour and men s evil speeches.
ild.06 I must go home to see my household, my wife and my little son, for I know not whether I shall ever again return to them, or whether the Gods will cause me to fill by the hands of the Achaeans.
ild.06 Then he took his darling child, kissed him, and dandled him in his arms, praying over him the while to Jove and to all the Gods.
ild.06 Let us be going, and we will make things right hereafter, should Jove vouchsafe us to set the cup of our deliverance before ever living Gods of heaven in our own homes, when we have chased the Achaeans from Troy.
ild.07 Minerva assented, and Helenus son of Priam divined the counsel of the Gods; he therefore went up to Hector and said, Hector" son of Priam, peer of Gods in counsel, I am your brother, let me then persuade you.
ild.07 I have heard the voice of the ever living Gods, and the hour of your doom is not yet come.
ild.07 I will myself go out against this man, but the upshot of the fight will be from on high in the hands of the immortal Gods.
ild.07 Thereon they would have hacked at one another in close combat with their swords, had not heralds, messengers of Gods and men, come forward, one from the Trojans and the other from the Achaeans Talthybius and Idaeus both of them honourable men; these parted them with their staves, and the good herald Idaeus said, "My sons, fight no longer, you are both of you valiant, and both are dear to Jove; we know this; but night is now falling, and the behests of night may not be well gainsaid.
ild.07 On this, when Paris had spoken and taken his seat, Priam of the race of Dardanus, peer of Gods in council, rose and with all sincerity and goodwill addressed them thus: "Hear me, Trojans, Dardanians, and allies, that I may speak even as I am minded.
ild.07 As he spoke he upheld his sceptre in the sight of all the Gods, and Idaeus went back to the strong city of Ilius.
ild.07 Thus did the Achaeans toil, and the Gods, seated by the side of Jove the lord of lightning, marvelled at their great work; but Neptune, lord of the earthquake, spoke, saying, Father" Jove, what mortal in the whole world will again take the Gods into his counsel? See you not how the Achaeans have built a wall about their ships and driven a trench all round it, without offering Hecatombs to the Gods? The The fame of this wall will reach as far as dawn itself, and men will no longer think anything of the one which Phoebus Apollo and myself built with so much labour for Laomedon.
ild.08 Then he spoke and all the other Gods gave ear.
ild.08 Hangs me a Golden chain from heaven, and lay hold of it all of you, Gods and Goddesses together tug as you will, you will not drag Jove the supreme counsellor from heaven to earth; but were I to pull at it myself I should draw you up with earth and sea into the bargain, then would I bind the chain about some pinnacle of Olympus and leave you all dangling in the mid firmament.
ild.08 So far am I above all others either of Gods or men.
ild.08 There the father of Gods and men stayed his Horses, took them from the Chariot, and hid them in a thick cloud; then he took his seat all glorious upon the topmost crests, looking down upon the city of Troy and the ships of the Achaeans.
ild.08 All had then been lost and no help for it, for they would have been penned up in Ilius like Sheep, had not the sire of Gods and men been quick to mark, and hurled a fiery flaming thunderbolt which fell just in front of Diomed s Horses with a flare of burning brimstone.
ild.08 When they had fled through the set stakes and trench and many Achaeans had been laid low at the hands of the Trojans, they halted at their ships, calling upon one another and praying every man instantly as they lifted up their hands to the Gods; but Hector wheeled his Horses this way and that, his eyes glaring like those of Gorgo or murderous Mars.
ild.08 The two Goddesses then sat down upon their Golden thrones, amid the company of the other Gods; but they were very angry.
ild.08 Presently father Jove drove his Chariot to Olympus, and entered the assembly of Gods.
ild.08 Minerva and Juno sat alone, apart from Jove, and neither spoke nor asked him questions, but Jove knew what they meant, and said, Minerva" and Juno, why are you so angry? Are you fatigued with killing so many of your dear friends the Trojans? Be this as it may, such is the might of my hands that all the Gods in Olympus cannot turn me; you were both of you trembling all over ere ever you saw the fight and its terrible doings.
ild.08 They then offered unblemished Hecatombs to the immortals, and the wind carried the sweet savour of sacrifice to heaven but the blessed Gods partook not thereof, for they bitterly hated Ilius with Priam and Priam s people.
ild.09 "All these things will I give him now down, and if hereafter the Gods vouchsafe me to sack the city of Priam, let him come when we Achaeans are dividing the spoil, and load his ship with Gold and Bronze to his liking; furthermore let him take Twenty Trojan Women, the loveliest after Helen herself.
ild.09 Let him then yieldit is only Hades who is utterly ruthless and unyielding and hence he is of all Gods the one most hateful to mankind.
ild.09 Then Achilles took his seat facing Ulysses against the opposite wall, and bade his comrade Patroclus offer sacrifice to the Gods; so he cast the offerings into the fire, and they laid their hands upon the good things that were before them.
ild.09 Once he stayed to meet me and hardly did he escape my onset: now, however, since I am in no mood to fight him, I will to morrow offer sacrifice to Jove and to all the Gods; I will draw my ships into the water and then victual them duly; to morrow morning, if you care to look, you will see my ships on the Hellespont, and my men rowing out to sea with might and main.
ild.09 If the Gods spare me to return home, Peleus will find me a wife; there are Achaean Women in Hellas and Phthia, daughters of kings that have cities under them; of these I can take whom I will and marry her.
ild.09 He prayed that no son of mine might ever sit upon knees and the Gods, Jove of the world below and awful Proserpine, fulfilled his curse.
ild.09 Now, therefore, I say battle with your pride and beat it; cherish not your anger for ever; the might and majesty of heaven are more than ours, but even heaven may be appeased; and if a man has sinned he prays the Gods, and reconciles them to himself by his piteous cries and by frankincense, with drink offerings and the savour of burnt sacrifice.
ild.09 The other Gods had all been feasted with Hecatombs, but to the daughter of great Jove alone he had made no sacrifice.
ild.09 His mother, grieving for the death of her brother, prayed the Gods, and beat the earth with her hands, calling upon Hades and on awful Proserpine; she went down upon her knees and her bosom was wet with tears as she prayed that they would kill her son and Erinys that walks in darkness and knows no ruth heard her from Erebus.
ild.09 He is implacable and yet if a man s brother or son has been slain he will accept a fine by way of amends from him that killed him, and the wrong doer having paid in full remains in peace among his own people; but as for you, Achilles, the Gods have put a wicked unforgiving spirit in your heart, and this, all about one single girl, whereas we now offer you the Seven best we have, and much else into the bargain.
ild.10 First he called loudly to Ulysses peer of Gods in counsel and woke him, for he was soon roused by the sound of the battle cry.
ild.10 His Chariot is bedight with Silver and Gold, and he has brought his marvellous Golden armour, of the rarest workmanship too splendid for any mortal man to carry, and meet only for the Gods.
ild.10 Ulysses hung them up aloft in honour of Minerva the Goddess of plunder, and prayed saying, "Accept these, Goddess, for we give them to you in preference to all the Gods in Olympus: therefore speed us still further towards the Horses and sleeping ground of the Thracians.
ild.10 And Ulysses answered, Nestor" son of Neleus, honour to the Achaean name, heaven, if it so will, can give us even better Horses than these, for the Gods are far mightier than we are.
ild.11 But when he was just about to reach the high wall and the city, the father of Gods and men came down from heaven and took his seat, thunderbolt in hand, upon the crest of many fountained Ida.
ild.11 Then she said, Hector" son of Priam, peer of Gods in counsel, father Jove has sent me to bear you this message so long as you see Agamemnon heading his men and making havoc of the Trojan ranks, you are to keep aloof and bid the others bear the brunt of the battle, but when Agamemnon is wounded either by spear or arrow, and takes to his Chariot, then will Jove vouchsafe you strength to slay till you reach the ships, and till night falls at the going down of the sun.
ild.11 "Thus did we order all things, and offer sacrifices to the Gods throughout the city; but three days afterwards the Epeans came in a body, many in number, they and their Chariots, in full array, and with them the two Moliones in their armour, though they were still lads and unused to fighting.
ild.11 There I slew the last man and left him; then the Achaeans drove their Horses back from Buprasium to Pylos and gave thanks to Jove among the Gods, and among mortal men to Nestor.
ild.11 When he had got as far as the ships of Ulysses, where was their place of assembly and court of justice, with their altars dedicated to the Gods, Eurypylus son of Euaemon met him, wounded in the thigh with an arrow, and limping out of the fight.
ild.12 They had built it to protect their ships, and had dug the trench all round it that it might safeguard both the ships and the rich spoils which they had taken, but they had not offered Hecatombs to the Gods.
ild.12 The Argives, discomfited though they were, were forced to defend their ships, and all the Gods who were defending the Achaeans were vexed in spirit; but the Lapithae kept on fighting with might and main.
ild.12 Then he said to Glaucus son of Hippolochus, Glaucus", why in Lycia do we receive especial honour as regards our place at table? Why are the choicest portions served us and our cups kept brimming, and why do men look up to us as though we were Gods? Moreover we hold a large estate by the banks of the river Xanthus, fair with orchard lawns and wheat growing land; it becomes us, therefore, to take our stand at the head of all the Lycians and bear the brunt of the fight, that one may say to another, Our princes in Lycia eat the fat of the land and drink best of wine, but they are fine fellows; they fight well and are ever at the front in battle.
ild.13 Of the two, swift Ajax son of Oileus was the first to know who it was that had been speaking with them, and said to Ajax son of Telamon, Ajax", this is one of the Gods that dwell on Olympus, who in the likeness of the prophet is bidding us fight hard by our ships.
ild.13 It was not Calchas the seer and diviner of omens; I knew him at once by his feet and knees as he turned away, for the Gods are soon recognised.
ild.13 The Trojans advanced in a dense body, with Hector at their head pressing right on as a rock that comes thundering down the side of some mountain from whose brow the winter torrents have torn it; the foundations of the dull thing have been loosened by floods of rain, and as it bounds headlong on its way it sets the whole forest in an uproar; it swerves neither to right nor left till it reaches level ground, but then for all its fury it can go no further even so easily did Hector for a while seem as though he would career through the tents and ships of the Achaeans till he had reached the sea in his murderous course; but the closely serried battalions stayed him when he reached them, for the sons of the Achaeans thrust at him with swords and spears pointed at both ends, and drove him from them so that he staggered and gave ground; thereon he shouted to the Trojans, Trojans", Lycians, and Dardanians, fighters in close combat, stand firm: the Achaeans have set themselves as a wall against me, but they will not check me for long; they will give ground before me if the mightiest of the Gods, the thundering spouse of Juno, has indeed inspired my onset.
ild.13 Grim Mars of awful voice did not yet know that his son had fallen, for he was sitting on the summits of Olympus under the Golden clouds, by command of Jove, where the other Gods were also sitting, forbidden to take part in the battle.
ild.13 O father Jove, you, who they say art above all both Gods and men in wisdom, and from whom all things that befall us do proceed, how can you thus favour the Trojans men so proud and overweening, that they are never tired of fighting? All things pall after a while sleep, love, sweet song, and stately dance still these are things of which a man would surely have his fill rather than of battle, whereas it is of battle that the Trojans are insatiate.
ild.13 The time is near when you shall pray Jove and all the Gods in your flight, that your steeds may be swifter than hawks as they raise the dust on the plain and bear you back to your city.
ild.14 I knew when Jove was willing to defend us, and I know now that he is raising the Trojans to like honour with the Gods, while us, on the other hand, he bas bound hand and foot.
ild.14 Oeeneus remained in his own country, but my father (as Jove and the other Gods ordained it) migrated to Argos.
ild.14 As for yourself, the blessed Gods are not yet so bitterly angry with you but that the princes and counsellors of the Trojans shall again raise the dust upon the plain, and you shall see them flying from the ships and tents towards their city.
ild.14 I am going to the world s end to visit Oceanus (from whom all we Gods proceed) and mother Tethys: they received me in their house, took care of me, and brought me up, having taken me over from Rhaea when Jove imprisoned great Saturn in the depths that are under earth and sea.
ild.14 Jove was furious when he awoke, and began hurling the Gods about all over the house; he was looking more particularly for myself, and would have flung me down through space into the sea where I should never have been heard of any more, had not Night who cows both men and Gods protected me.
ild.14 Sleep was pleased when he heard this, and answered, "Then swear it to me by the dread waters of the river Styx; lay one hand on the bounteous earth, and the other on the sheen of the sea, so that all the Gods who dwell down below with Saturn may be our witnesses, and see that you really do give me one of the youngest of the Graces Pasithea, whom I have always wanted to marry.
ild.14 She swore, and invoked all the Gods of the nether world, who are called Titans, to witness.
ild.14 Never yet have I been so overpowered by passion neither for Goddess nor mortal Woman as I am at this moment for yourself not even when I was in love with the wife of Ixion who bore me Pirithous, peer of Gods in counsel, nor yet with Danae the daintily ancled daughter of Acrisius, who bore me the famed hero Perseus.
ild.14 "Most dread son of Saturn," she exclaimed, "what are you talking about? Would you have us enjoy one another here on the top of Mount Ida, where everything can be seen? What if one of the ever living Gods should see us sleeping together, and tell the others? It would be such a scandal that when I had risen from your embraces I could never show myself inside your house again; but if you are so minded, there is a room which your son Vulcan has made me, and he has given it good strong doors; if you would so have it, let us go thither and lie down.
ild.15 The sire of Gods and men had pity on him, and looked fiercely on Juno.
ild.15 All the Gods in Olympus were in a fury, but they could not reach you to set you free; when I caught any one of them I gripped him and hurled him from the heavenly threshold till he came fainting down to earth; yet even this did not relieve my mind from the incessant anxiety which I felt about noble Hercules whom you and Boreas had spitefully conveyed beyond the seas to Cos, after suborning the tempests; but I rescued him, and notwithstanding all his mighty labours I brought him back again to Argos.
ild.15 The sire of Gods and men smiled and answered, "If you, Juno, were always to support me when we sit in council of the Gods, Neptune, like it or no, would soon come round to your and my way of thinking.
ild.15 If, then, you are speaking the truth and mean what you say, go among the rank and file of the Gods, and tell Iris and Apollo lord of the bow, that I want them Iris, that she may go to the Achaean host and tell Neptune to leave off fighting and go home, and Apollo, that he may send Hector again into battle and give him fresh strength; he will thus forget his present sufferings, and drive the Achaeans back in confusion till they fall among the ships of Achilles son of Peleus.
ild.15 Swift as the thought of one whose fancy carries him over vast continents, and he says to himself, "Now I will be here, or there," and he would have all manner of things even so swiftly did Juno wing her way till she came to high Olympus and went in among the Gods who were gathered in the house of Jove.
ild.15 Lead the Gods to table, where you and all the immortals can hear the wicked designs which he has avowed.
ild.15 On this Juno sat down, and the Gods were troubled throughout the house of Jove.
ild.15 When he heard this Mars smote his two sturdy thighs with the flat of his hands, and said in anger, "Do not blame me, you Gods that dwell in heaven, if I go to the ships of the Achaeans and avenge the death of my son, even though it end in my being struck by Jove s lightning and lying in blood and dust among the corpses.
ild.15 On this, Jove would have been roused to still more fierce and implacable enmity against the other immortals, had not Minerva, ararmed for the safety of the Gods, sprung from her seat and hurried outside.
ild.15 Meanwhile Juno called Apollo outside, with Iris the messenger of the Gods.
ild.15 Bid him leave off fighting, and either join the company of the Gods, or go down into the sea.
ild.15 I am older and much stronger than he is; yet he is not afraid to set himself up as on a level with myself, of whom all the other Gods stand in awe.
ild.15 He bids you leave off fighting, and either join the company of the Gods or go down into the sea; if, however, you take no heed and disobey him, he says he will come down here and fight you.
ild.15 He would have you keep out of his reach, for he is older and much stronger than you are, and yet you are not afraid to set yourself up as on a level with himself, of whom all the other Gods stand in awe.
ild.15 Had he not done so those Gods who are below with Saturn would have come to hear of the fight between us.
ild.15 Hector in a weak voice answered, "And which, kind sir, of the Gods are you, who now ask me thus? Do you not know that Ajax struck me on the chest with a stone as I was killing his comrades at the ships of the Achaeans, and compelled me to leave off fighting? I made sure that this very day I should breathe my last and go down into the house of Hades.
ild.16 And do not for lust of battle go on killing the Trojans nor lead the Achaeans on to Ilius, lest one of the ever living Gods from Olympus attack you for Phoebus Apollo loves them well: return when you have freed the ships from peril, and let others wage war upon the plain.
ild.16 Chariots were being smashed in all directions, and many a man came tumbling down from his own car to fall beneath the wheels of that of Patroclus, whose immortal steeds, given by the Gods to Peleus, sprang over the trench at a bound as they sped onward.
ild.16 I say further, and lay my saying to your heart, that if you send Sarpedon safely to his own home, some other of the Gods will be also wanting to escort his son out of battle, for there are many sons of Gods fighting round the city of Troy, and you will make every one jealous.
ild.16 The sire of Gods and men assented, but he shed a rain of blood upon the earth in honour of his son whom Patroclus was about to kill on the rich plain of Troy far from his home.
ild.16 Who then first, and who last, was slain by you, O Patroclus, when the Gods had now called you to meet your doom? First Adrestus, Autonous, Echeclus, Perimus the son of Megas, Epistor and Melanippus; after these he killed Elasus, Mulius, and Pylartes.
ild.16 He then went spear in hand after Automedon, squire of the fleet descendant of Aeacus, for he longed to lay him low, but the immortal steeds which the Gods had given as a rich gift to Peleus bore him swiftly from the field.
ild.17 His own he sent to the strong city of Ilius and to the Trojans, while he put on the immortal armour of the son of Peleus, which the Gods had given to Peleus, who in his age gave it to his son; but the son did not grow old in his father s armour.
ild.17 Automedon son of Diores answered, Alcimedon", there is no one else who can control and guide the immortal steeds so well as you can, save only Patroclus while he was alive peer of Gods in counsel.
ild.17 Minerva was pleased at his having named herself before any of the other Gods.
ild.18 "Alas," said he to himself in the heaviness of his heart, "why are the Achaeans again scouring the plain and flocking towards the ships? Heaven grant the Gods be not now bringing that sorrow upon me of which my mother Thetis spoke, saying that while I was yet alive the bravest of the Myrmidons should fall before the Trojans, and see the light of the sun no longer.
ild.18 Achilles groaned and answered, Mother", Olympian Jove has indeed vouchsafed me the fulfilment of my prayer, but what boots it to me, seeing that my dear comrade Patroclus has fallen he whom I valued more than all others, and loved as dearly as my own life? I have lost him; aye, and Hector when he had killed him stripped the wondrous armour, so glorious to behold, which the Gods gave to Peleus when they laid you in the couch of a mortal man.
ild.18 Therefore, perish strife both from among Gods and men, and anger, wherein even a righteous man will harden his heart which rises up in the soul of a man like smoke, and the taste thereof is sweeter than drops of honey.
ild.18 And yet so be it, for it is over; I will force my soul into subjection as I needs must; I will go; I will pursue Hector who has slain him whom I loved so dearly, and will then abide my doom when it may please Jove and the other Gods to send it.
ild.18 She came secretly without the knowledge of Jove and of the other Gods, for Juno sent her, and when she had got close to him she said, "Up, son of Peleus, mightiest of all mankind; rescue Patroclus about whom this fearful fight is now raging by the ships.
ild.18 And Achilles said, Iris", which of the Gods was it that sent you to me?"
ild.18 She found him busy with his bellows, sweating and hard at work, for he was making Twenty tripods that were to stand by the wall of his house, and he set wheels of Gold under them all that they might go of their own selves to the assemblies of the Gods, and come back again marvels indeed to see.
ild.18 Nine years did I stay with them, and many beautiful works in Bronze, brooches, spiral armlets, cups, and chains, did I make for them in their cave, with the roaring waters of Oceanus foaming as they rushed ever past it; and no one knew, neither of Gods nor men, save only Thetis and Eurynome who took care of me.
ild.18 But the men of the city would not yet consent, and armed themselves for a surprise; their wives and little children kept guard upon the walls, and with them were the men who were past fighting through age; but the others sallied forth with Mars and Pallas Minerva at their head both of them wrought in Gold and clad in Golden raiment, great and fair with their armour as befitting Gods, while they that followed were smaller.
ild.19 Time" was when she fooled Jove himself, who they say is greatest whether of Gods or men; for Juno, Woman though she was, beguiled him on the day when Alcmena was to bring forth mighty Hercules in the fair city of Thebes.
ild.19 He told it out among the Gods saying, Hear me all Gods and Goddesses, that I may speak even as I am minded; this day shall an Ilithuia, helper of Women who are in labour, bring a man child into the world who shall be lord over all that dwell about him who are of my blood and lineage.
ild.19 The other Achaeans sat where they were all silent and orderly to hear the king, and Agamemnon looked into the vault of heaven and prayed saying, "I call Jove the first and mightiest of all Gods to witness, I call also Earth and Sun and the Erinyes who dwell below and take vengeance on him who shall swear falsely, that I have laid no hand upon the girl Briseis, neither to take her to my bed nor otherwise, but that she has remained in my tents inviolate.
ild.20 Meanwhile Jove from the top of many delled Olympus, bade Themis gather the Gods in council, whereon she went about and called them to the house of Jove.
ild.20 "Why," said he, "wielder of the lightning, have you called the Gods in council? Are you considering some matter that concerns the Trojans and Achaeans for the blaze of battle is on the point of being kindled between them?"
ild.20 Thus spoke Jove and gave the word for war, whereon the Gods took their several sides and went into battle.
ild.20 So long as the Gods held themselves aloof from mortal warriors the Achaeans were triumphant, for Achilles who had long refused to fight was now with them.
ild.20 Thus did the Gods spur on both hosts to fight, and rouse fierce contention also among themselves.
ild.20 Hades, king of the realms below, was struck with fear; he sprang panic stricken from his throne and cried aloud in terror lest Neptune, lord of the earthquake, should crack the ground over his head, and lay bare his mouldy mansions to the sight of mortals and immortals mansions so ghastly grim that even the Gods shudder to think of them.
ild.20 Such was the uproar as the Gods came together in battle.
ild.20 Apollo with his arrows took his stand to face King Neptune, while Minerva took hers against the God of war; the archer goddess Diana with her Golden arrows, sister of far darting Apollo, stood to face Juno; Mercury the lusty bringer of good luck faced Leto, while the mighty eddying river whom men can Scamander, but Gods Xanthus, matched himself against Vulcan.
ild.20 The Gods, then, were thus ranged against one another.
ild.20 No man may fight Achilles, for one of the Gods is always with him as his guardian angel, and even were it not so, his weapon flies ever straight, and fails not to pierce the flesh of him who is against him; if heaven would let me fight him on even terms he should not soon overcome me, though he boasts that he is made of Bronze.
ild.20 Then said King Apollo, son to Jove, "Nay, hero, pray to the ever living Gods, for men say that you were born of Jove s daughter Venus, whereas Achilles is son to a Goddess of inferior rank.
ild.20 She called the Gods about her, and said, "Look to it, you two, Neptune and Minerva, and consider how this shall be; Phoebus Apollo has been sending Aeneas clad in full armour to fight Achilles.
ild.20 If Achilles be not thus assured by the voice of a God, he may come to fear presently when one of us meets him in battle, for the Gods are terrible if they are seen face to face.
ild.20 Neptune lord of the earthquake answered her saying, Juno", restrain your fury; it is not well; I am not in favour of forcing the other Gods to fight us, for the advantage is too greatly on our own side; let us take our places on some hill out of the beaten track, and let mortals fight it out among themselves.
ild.20 If Mars or Phoebus Apollo begin fighting, or keep Achilles in check so that he cannot fight, we too, will at once raise the cry of battle, and in that case they will soon leave the field and go back vanquished to Olympus among the other Gods.
ild.20 Here Neptune and those that were with him took their seats, wrapped in a thick cloud of darkness; but the other Gods seated themselves on the brow of Callicolone round you, O Phoebus, and Mars the waster of cities.
ild.20 Thus did the Gods sit apart and form their plans, but neither side was willing to begin battle with the other, and Jove from his seat on high was in command over them all.
ild.20 Have you forgotten how when you were alone I chased you from your herds helter skelter down the slopes of Ida? You did not turn round to look behind you; you took refuge in Lyrnessus, but I attacked the city, and with the help of Minerva and father Jove I sacked it and carried its Women into captivity, though Jove and the other Gods rescued you.
ild.20 Erichthonius begat Tros, king of the Trojans, and Tros had three noble sons, Ilus, Assaracus, and Ganymede who was comeliest of mortal men; wherefore the Gods carried him off to be Jove s cupbearer, for his beauty s sake, that he might dwell among the immortals.
ild.20 Why should this man suffer when he is guiltless, to no purpose, and in another s quarrel? Has he not at all times offered acceptable sacrifice to the Gods that dwell in heaven? Let us then snatch him from death s jaws, lest the son of Saturn be angry should Achilles slay him.
ild.20 "Be not afraid, proud Trojans," said he, "to face the son of Peleus; I could fight Gods myself if the battle were one of words only, but they would be more than a match for me, if we had to use our spears.
ild.20 Phoebus Apollo, to whom it seems you pray before you go into battle, has again saved you; but if I too have any friend among the Gods I will surely make an end of you when I come across you at some other time.
ild.21 Therein he slew Thersilochus, Mydon, Astypylus, Mnesus, Thrasius, Oeneus, and Ophelestes, and he would have slain yet others, had not the river in anger taken human form, and spoken to him from out the deep waters saying, Achilles", if you excel all in strength, so do you also in wickedness, for the Gods are ever with you to protect you: if, then, the son of Saturn has vouchsafed it to you to destroy all the Trojans, at any rate drive them out of my stream, and do your grim work on land.
ild.21 As he spoke he set upon the Trojans with a fury like that of the Gods.
ild.21 As one who would water his garden leads a stream from some fountain over his plants, and all his ground spade in hand he clears away the dams to free the channels, and the little stones run rolling round and round with the water as it goes merrily down the bank faster than the man can follow even so did the river keep catching up with Achilles albeit he was a fleet runner, for the Gods are stronger than men.
ild.21 As often as he would strive to stand his ground, and see whether or no all the Gods in heaven were in league against him, so often would the mighty wave come beating down upon his shoulders, and be would have to keep flying on and on in great dismay; for the angry flood was tiring him out as it flowed past him and ate the ground from under his feet.
ild.21 Then the son of Peleus lifted up his voice to heaven saying, Father" Jove, is there none of the Gods who will take pity upon me, and save me from the river? I do not care what may happen to me afterwards.
ild.21 Son" of Peleus," said he, "be not so exceeding fearful; we are two Gods, come with Jove s sanction to assist you, I, and Pallas Minerva.
ild.21 When they had so said they went back to the other immortals, but Achilles strove onward over the plain, encouraged by the charge the Gods had laid upon him.
ild.21 Xanthus was now beaten, so these two left off fighting, for Juno stayed them though she was still angry; but a furious quarrel broke out among the other Gods, for they were of divided counsels.
ild.21 Jove heard as he was sitting on Olympus, and laughed for joy when he saw the Gods coming to blows among themselves.
ild.21 "Why, vixen," said he, "have you again set the Gods by the ears in the pride and haughtiness of your heart? Have you forgotten how you set Diomed son of Tydeus on to wound me, and yourself took visible spear and drove it into me to the hurt of my fair body? You shall now suffer for what you then did to me.
ild.21 Idiot, you have no sense, and forget how we two alone of all the Gods fared hardly round about Ilius when we came from Jove s house and worked for Laomedon a whole year at a stated wage and he gave us his orders.
ild.21 Thus did they converse, and meanwhile Phoebus Apollo entered the strong city of Ilius, for he was uneasy lest the wall should not hold out and the Danaans should take the city then and there, before its hour had come; but the rest of the ever living Gods went back, some angry and some triumphant to Olympus, where they took their seats beside Jove lord of the storm cloud, while Achilles still kept on dealing out death alike on the Trojans and on their As when the smoke from some burning city ascends to heaven when the anger of the Gods has kindled it there is then toil for all, and sorrow for not a few even so did Achilles bring toil and sorrow on the Trojans.
ild.21 As he spoke his strong hand hurled his javelin from him, and the spear struck Achilles on the leg beneath the knee; the greave of newly wrought tin rang loudly, but the spear recoiled from the body of him whom it had struck, and did not pierce it, for the Gods gift stayed it.
ild.22 Achilles was greatly angered and said, "You have baulked me, Far Darter, most malicious of all Gods, and have drawn me away from the wall, where many another man would have bitten the dust ere he got within Ilius; you have robbed me of great glory and have saved the Trojans at no risk to yourself, for you have nothing to fear, but I would indeed have my revenge if it were in my power to do so.
ild.22 Monster that he is; would indeed that the Gods loved him no better than I do, for so, Dogs and Vultures would soon devour him as he lay stretched on earth, and a load of grief would be lifted from my heart, for many a brave son has he reft from me, either by killing them or selling them away in the islands that are beyond the sea: even now I miss two sons from among the Trojans who have thronged within the city, Lycaon and Polydorus, whom Laothoe peeress among Women bore me.
ild.22 All the Gods watched them, and the sire of Gods and men was the first to speak.
ild.22 Let us, then, give pledges to one another by our Gods, who are the fittest witnesses and guardians of all covenants; let it be agreed between us that if Jove vouchsafes me the longer stay and I take your life, I am not to treat your dead body in any unseemly fashion, but when I have stripped you of your armour, I am to give up your body to the Achaeans.
ild.22 Hector saw it coming and avoided it; he watched it and crouched down so that it flew over his head and stuck in the ground beyond; Minerva then snatched it up and gave it back to Achilles without Hector s seeing her; Hector thereon said to the son of Peleus, "You have missed your aim, Achilles, peer of the Gods, and Jove has not yet revealed to you the hour of my doom, though you made sure that he had done so.
ild.22 With a loud cry he called Diphobus and asked him for one, but there was no man; then he saw the truth and said to himself, "Alas! the Gods have lured me on to my destruction.
ild.22 But Achilles said, speaking to the dead body, "Die; for my part I will accept my fate whensoever Jove and the other Gods see fit to send it.
ild.23 As soon as they reached Agamemnon s tent they told the serving men to set a large tripod over the fire in case they might persuade the son of Peleus to wash the clotted gore from this body, but he denied them sternly, and swore it with a solemn oath, saying, "Nay, by King Jove, first and mightiest of all Gods, it is not meet that water should touch my body, till I have laid Patroclus on the flames, have built him a barrow, and shaved my head for so long as I live no such second sorrow shall ever draw nigh me.
ild.23 Nevermore shall we sit apart and take sweet counsel among the living; the cruel fate which was my birth right has yawned its wide jaws around me nay, you too Achilles, peer of Gods, are doomed to die beneath the wall of the noble Trojans.
ild.23 Antilochus carried off the last prize and smiled as he said to the bystanders, "You all see, my friends, that now too the Gods have shown their respect for seniority.
ild.24 Thus shamefully did Achilles in his fury dishonour Hector; but the blessed Gods looked down in pity from heaven, and urged Mercury, slayer of Argus, to steal the body.
ild.24 When, therefore, the morning of the twelfth day had now come, Phoebus Apollo spoke among the immortals saying, "You Gods ought to be ashamed of yourselves; you are cruel and hard hearted.
ild.24 It were better of him, and for him, that he should not do so, for brave though he be we Gods may take it ill that he should vent his fury upon dead clay.
ild.24 I married her to Peleus, who is above measure dear to the immortals; you Gods came all of you to her wedding; you feasted along with them yourself and brought your lyre false, and fond of low company, that you have ever been.
ild.24 Their honour shall not be equal, but of all that dwell in Ilius, Hector was dearest to the Gods, as also to myself, for his offerings never failed me.
ild.24 The waves of the sea opened them a path, and when they reached the shore they flew up into the heavens, where they found the all seeing son of Saturn with the blessed Gods that live for ever assembled near him.
ild.24 Juno then placed a fair Golden cup in her hand, and spoke to her in words of comfort, whereon Thetis drank and gave her back the cup; and the sire of Gods and men was the first to speak.
ild.24 The Gods would have Mercury slayer of Argus steal the body, but in furtherance of our peace and amity henceforward, I will concede such honour to your son as I will now tell you.
ild.24 Now, therefore, heed what I say, for I come as a messenger from Jove; he says that the Gods are angry with you, and himself more angry than them all, in that you keep Hector at the ships and will not give him up.
ild.24 Such care have the blessed Gods taken of your brave son, for he was dear to them beyond all measure.
ild.24 The old man was comforted as he heard him and said, "My son, see what a good thing it is to have made due offerings to the immortals; for as sure as that he was born my son never forgot the Gods that hold Olympus, and now they requite it to him even in death.
ild.24 The old man went straight into the house where Achilles, loved of the Gods, was sitting.
ild.24 The others looked one to another and marvelled also, but Priam besought Achilles saying, "Think of your father, O Achilles like unto the Gods, who is such even as I am, on the sad threshold of old age.
ild.24 He for whom Jove the lord of thunder mixes the gifts he sends, will meet now with good and now with evil fortune; but he to whom Jove sends none but evil gifts will be pointed at by the finger of scorn, the hand of famine will pursue him to the ends of the world, and he will go up and down the face of the earth, respected neither by Gods nor men.
ild.24 Even so did it befall Peleus; the Gods endowed him with all good things from his birth upwards, for he reigned over the Myrmidons excelling all men in prosperity and wealth, and mortal though he was they gave him a Goddess for his bride.
ild.24 Nine days did they lie weltering, and there was none to bury them, for the son of Saturn turned the people into stone; but on the tenth day the Gods in heaven themselves buried them, and Niobe then took food, being worn out with weeping.
ild.24 And now both Gods and mortals were fast asleep through the livelong night, but upon Mercury alone, the bringer of good luck, sleep could take no hold for he was thinking all the time how to get King Priam away from the ships without his being seen by the strong force of sentinels.
ild.24 So long as you were alive the Gods loved you well, and even in death they have not been utterly unmindful of you; for when Achilles took any other of my sons, he would sell him beyond the seas, to Samos Imbrus or rugged Lemnos; and when he had slain you too with his sword, many a time did he drag you round the sepulchre of his comrade though this could not give him life yet here you lie all fresh as dew, and comely as one whom Apollo has slain with his painless shafts.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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