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ild.01 Then they offered Hecatombs of Bulls and Goats without blemish on the sea shore, and the smoke with the savour of their sacrifice rose curling up towards heaven.
ild.02 We were ranged round about a fountain offering Hecatombs to the Gods upon their holy altars, and there was a fine plane tree from beneath which there welled a stream of pure water.
ild.02 Seeing, then, that such a fearful portent had broken in upon our Hecatombs, Calchas forthwith declared to us the oracles of heaven.
ild.06 And Hector shouted to the Trojans, Trojans" and allies, be men, my friends, and fight with might and main, while I go to Ilius and tell the old men of our council and our wives to pray to the Gods and vow Hecatombs in their honour.
ild.07 Thus did the Achaeans toil, and the Gods, seated by the side of Jove the lord of lightning, marvelled at their great work; but Neptune, lord of the earthquake, spoke, saying, Father" Jove, what mortal in the whole world will again take the Gods into his counsel? See you not how the Achaeans have built a wall about their ships and driven a trench all round it, without offering Hecatombs to the Gods? The The fame of this wall will reach as far as dawn itself, and men will no longer think anything of the one which Phoebus Apollo and myself built with so much labour for Laomedon.
ild.08 They then offered unblemished Hecatombs to the immortals, and the wind carried the sweet savour of sacrifice to heaven but the blessed Gods partook not thereof, for they bitterly hated Ilius with Priam and Priam s people.
ild.09 The other Gods had all been feasted with Hecatombs, but to the daughter of great Jove alone he had made no sacrifice.
ild.12 They had built it to protect their ships, and had dug the trench all round it that it might safeguard both the ships and the rich spoils which they had taken, but they had not offered Hecatombs to the Gods.
ild.23 "I cannot stay," she said, "I must go back to the streams of Oceanus and the land of the Ethiopians who are offering Hecatombs to the immortals, and I would have my share; but Achilles prays that Boreas and shrill Zephyrus will come to him, and he vows them goodly offerings; he would have you blow upon the pyre of Patroclus for whom all the Achaeans are lamenting.
ild.23 He let fly with his arrow forthwith, but he did not promise Hecatombs of firstling lambs to King Apollo, and missed his bird, for Apollo foiled his aim; but he hit the string with which the bird was tied, near its foot; the arrow cut the string clean through so that it hung down towards the ground, while the bird flew up into the sky, and the Achaeans shouted applause.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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