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ild.07 I can charge among the Chariots and Horsemen, and in hand to hand fighting can delight the heart of Mars; howbeit I would not take such a man as you are off his guard but I will smite you openly if I can.
ild.09 But when fair rosy fingered morn appears, forthwith bring out your host and your Horsemen in front of the ships, urging them on, and yourself fighting among the foremost.
ild.11 Foot soldiers drove the foot soldiers of the foe in rout before them, and slew them; Horsemen did the like by Horsemen, and the thundering tramp of the Horses raised a cloud of dust frim off the plain.
ild.11 The Epeans fled in all directions when they saw the captain of their Horsemen (the best man they had) laid low, and I swept down on them like a whirlwind, taking Fifty Chariots and in each of them two men bit the dust, slain by my spear.
ild.14 She passed over Pieria and fair Emathia, and went on and on till she came to the snowy ranges of the Thracian Horsemen, over whose topmost crests she sped without ever setting foot to ground.
ild.15 Now, therefore, order your Horsemen to drive their Chariots to the ships in great multitudes.
ild.15 And as a Horse, stabled and full fed, breaks loose and gallops gloriously over the plain to the place where he is wont to take his bath in the river he tosses his head, and his mane streams over his shoulders as in all the pride of his strength he flies full speed to the pastures where the mares are feeding even so Hector, when he heard what the God said, urged his Horsemen on, and sped forward as fast as his limbs could take him.
ild.16 He hit Pyraechmes who had led his Paeonian Horsemen from the Amydon and the broad waters of the river Axius; the spear struck him on the right shoulder, and with a groan he fell backwards in the dust; on this his men were thrown into confusion, for by killing their leader, who was the finest soldier among them, Patroclus struck panic into them all.
ild.18 Thus, then, did her feet bear the Goddess to Olympus, and meanwhile the Achaeans were flying with loud cries before murderous Hector till they reached the ships and the Hellespont, and they could not draw the body of Mars s servant Patroclus out of reach of the weapons that were showered upon him, for Hector son of Priam with his host and Horsemen had again caught up to him like the flame of a fiery furnace; thrice did brave Hector seize him by the feet, striving with might and main to draw him away and calling loudly on the Trojans, and thrice did the two Ajaxes, clothed in valour as with a garment, beat him from off the body; but all undaunted he would now charge into the thick of the fight, and now again he would stand still and cry aloud, but he would give no ground.
ild.23 But Achilles would not let the Myrmidons go, and spoke to his brave comrades saying, Myrmidons", famed Horsemen and my own trusted friends, not yet, forsooth, let us unyoke, but with Horse and Chariot draw near to the body and mourn Patroclus, in due honour to the dead.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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