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ild.03 Meanwhile the heralds were bringing the holy oath offerings through the city two lambs and a Goatskin of wine, the gift of earth; and Idaeus brought the mixing bowl and the cups of Gold.
ild.05 He had two sons, Phegeus and Idaeus, both of them skilled in all the arts of war.
ild.05 Idaeus did not dare to bestride his brother s body, but sprang from the Chariot and took to flight, or he would have shared his brother s fate; whereon Vulcan saved him by wrapping him in a cloud of darkness, that his old father might not be utterly overwhelmed with grief; but the son of Tydeus drove off with the Horses, and bade his followers take them to the ships.
ild.07 Thereon they would have hacked at one another in close combat with their swords, had not heralds, messengers of Gods and men, come forward, one from the Trojans and the other from the Achaeans Talthybius and Idaeus both of them honourable men; these parted them with their staves, and the good herald Idaeus said, "My sons, fight no longer, you are both of you valiant, and both are dear to Jove; we know this; but night is now falling, and the behests of night may not be well gainsaid.
ild.07 Ajax son of Telamon answered, Idaeus", bid Hector say so, for it was he that challenged our princes.
ild.07 At daybreak let Idaeus go to the ships, and tell Agamemnon and Menelaus sons of Atreus the saying of Alexandrus through whom this quarrel has come about; and let him also be instant with them that they now cease fighting till we burn our dead; hereafter we will fight anew, till heaven decide between us and give victory to one or to the other.
ild.07 They took supper in their companies and at daybreak Idaeus went his wa to the ships.
ild.07 The sons of the Achaeans shouted applause at the words that Diomed had spoken, and thereon King Agamemnon said to Idaeus, Idaeus", you have heard the answer the Achaeans make you and I with them.
ild.07 As he spoke he upheld his sceptre in the sight of all the Gods, and Idaeus went back to the strong city of Ilius.
ild.24 Before him went the Mules drawing the four wheeled waggon, and driven by wise Idaeus; behind these were the Horses, which the old man lashed with his whip and drove swiftly through the city, while his friends followed after, wailing and lamenting for him as though he were on his road to death.
ild.24 But Priam and Idaeus as they showed out upon the plain did not escape the ken of all seeing Jove, who looked down upon the old man and pitied him; then he spoke to his son Mercury and said, Mercury", for it is you who are the most disposed to escort men on their way, and to hear those whom you will hear, go, and so conduct Priam to the ships of the Achaeans that no other of the Danaans shall see him nor take note of him until he reach the son of Peleus.
ild.24 Now when Priam and Idaeus had driven past the great tomb of Ilius, they stayed their Mules and Horses that they might drink in the river, for the shades of night were falling, when, therefore, Idaeus saw Mercury standing near them he said to Priam, "Take heed, descendant of Dardanus; here is matter which demands consideration.
ild.24 Priam sprang from his Chariot to the ground, leaving Idaeus where he was, in charge of the Mules and Horses.
ild.24 As he spoke Achilles told his men and the Women servants to set beds in the room that was in the gatehouse, and make them with good red rugs, and spread coverlets on the top of them with woollen cloaks for Priam and Idaeus to wear.
ild.24 Priam and Idaeus then drove on toward the city lamenting and making moan, and the Mules drew the body of Hector.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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