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ild.02 And now Iris, fleet as the wind, was sent by Jove to tell the bad news among the Trojans.
ild.02 They were gathered in assembly, old and young, at Priam s gates, and Iris came close up to Priam, speaking with the voice of Priam s son Polites, who, being fleet of foot, was stationed as watchman for the Trojans on the tomb of old Aesyetes, to look out for any sally of the Achaeans.
ild.02 In his likeness Iris spoke, saying, "Old man, you talk idly, as in time of peace, while war is at hand.
ild.03 Meanwhile Iris went to Helen in the form of her sister in law, wife of the son of Antenor, for Helicaon, son of Antenor, had married Laodice, the fairest of Priam s daughters.
ild.03 Iris then came close up to her and said, "Come hither, child, and see the strange doings of the Trojans and Achaeans till now they have been warring upon the plain, mad with lust of battle, but now they have left off fighting, and are leaning upon their shields, sitting still with their spears planted beside them.
ild.05 The Goddess went dazed and discomfited away, and Iris, fleet as the wind, drew her from the throng, in pain and with her fair skin all besmirched.
ild.05 She mounted the Chariot sick and sorry at heart, while Iris sat beside her and took the reins in her hand.
ild.08 But father Jove when he saw them from Ida was very angry, and sent winged Iris with a message to them.
ild.08 "Go," said he, "fleet Iris, turn them back, and see that they do not come near me, for if we come to fighting there will be mischief.
ild.08 With this Iris went her way, fleet as the wind, from the heights of Ida to the lofty summits of Olympus.
ild.11 He then told Iris of the golden wings to carry a message for him.
ild.11 "Go," said he, "fleet Iris, and speak thus to Hector say that so long as he sees Agamemnon heading his men and making havoc of the Trojan ranks, he is to keep aloof and bid the others bear the brunt of the battle, but when Agamemnon is wounded either by spear or arrow, and takes to his Chariot, then will I vouchsafe him strength to slay till he reach the ships and night falls at the going down of the sun.
ild.11 Iris hearkened and obeyed.
ild.11 When she had thus spoken Iris left him, and Hector sprang full armed from his Chariot to the ground, brandishing his spear as he went about everywhere among the host, cheering his men on to fight, and stirring the dread strife of battle.
ild.15 If, then, you are speaking the truth and mean what you say, go among the rank and file of the Gods, and tell Iris and Apollo lord of the bow, that I want them Iris, that she may go to the Achaean host and tell Neptune to leave off fighting and go home, and Apollo, that he may send Hector again into battle and give him fresh strength; he will thus forget his present sufferings, and drive the Achaeans back in confusion till they fall among the ships of Achilles son of Peleus.
ild.15 Meanwhile Juno called Apollo outside, with Iris the messenger of the Gods.
ild.15 Thereon Juno left them and resumed her seat inside, while Iris and Apollo made all haste on their way.
ild.15 He spoke to Iris first.
ild.15 "Go," said he, "fleet Iris, tell King Neptune what I now bid you and tell him true.
ild.15 Iris, fleet as the wind, obeyed him, and as the cold hail or snowflakes that fly from out the clouds before the blast of Boreas, even so did she wing her way till she came close up to the great shaker of the earth.
ild.15 Iris fleet as the wind then answered, "Am I really, Neptune, to take this daring and unyielding message to Jove, or will you reconsider your answer? Sensible people are open to argument, and you know that the Erinyes always range themselves on the side of the older person.
ild.15 Neptune answered, Goddess" Iris, your words have been spoken in season.
ild.18 And now he would even have dragged it off and have won imperishable glory, had not Iris fleet as the wind, winged her way as messenger from Olympus to the son of Peleus and bidden him arm.
ild.18 And Achilles said, Iris", which of the Gods was it that sent you to me?"
ild.18 Iris answered, "It was Juno the royal spouse of Jove, but the son of Saturn does not know of my coming, nor yet does any other of the immortals who dwell on the snowy summits of Olympus.
ild.18 Iris said, We know that your armour has been taken, but go as you are; go to the deep trench and show yourelf before the Trojans, that they may fear you and cease fighting.
ild.18 Iris left him when she had so spoken.
ild.23 Fleet Iris heard him praying and started off to fetch the winds.
ild.23 They were holding high feast in the house of boisterous Zephyrus when Iris came running up to the stone threshold of the house and stood there, but as soon as they set eyes on her they all came towards her and each of them called her to him, but Iris would not sit down.
ild.24 On this Iris fleet as the wind went forth to carry his message.
ild.24 Iris went up to her and said, "Rise Thetis; Jove, whose counsels fail not, bids you come to him.
ild.24 The Goddess took her dark veil, than which there can be no robe more sombre, and went forth with fleet Iris leading the way before her.
ild.24 At the same time I will send Iris to great Priam to bid him go to the ships of the Achaeans, and ransom his son, taking with him such gifts for Achilles as may give him satisfaction.
ild.24 Meanwhile the son of Saturn sent Iris to the strong city of Ilius.
ild.24 "Go," said he, "fleet Iris, from the mansions of Olympus, and tell King Priam in Ilius, that he is to go to the ships of the Achaeans and free the body of his dear son.
ild.24 On this Iris, fleet as the wind, sped forth to deliver her message.
ild.24 Iris went her way when she had thus spoken, and Priam told his sons to get a Mule waggon ready, and to make the body of the waggon fast upon the top of its bed.

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