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ild.04 Their skins are not stone nor Iron that when hit them you do them no harm.
ild.05 Hebe with all speed fitted on the eight spoked wheels of Bronze that were on either side of the Iron axle tree.
ild.06 "Take me alive," he cried, "son of Atreus, and you shall have a full ransom for me: my father is rich and has much treasure of Gold, Bronze, and wrought Iron laid by in his house.
ild.07 The Godlike hero Ereuthalion stood forward as their champion, with the armour of King Areithous upon his shoulders Areithous whom men and Women had surnamed the Mace man, because he fought neither with bow nor spear, but broke the battalions of the foe with his Iron mace.
ild.08 If I see anyone acting apart and helping either Trojans or Danaans, he shall be beaten inordinately ere he come back again to Olympus; or I will hurl him down into dark Tartarus far into the deepest pit under the earth, where the gates are Iron and the floor Bronze, as far beneath Hades as heaven is high above the earth, that you may learn how much the mightiest I am among you.
ild.09 I will give him Twenty Iron cauldrons and Twelve strong Horses that have won races and carried off prizes.
ild.09 He will give you Seven tripods that have never yet been on the fire, and Ten talents of Gold; Twenty Iron cauldrons, and Twelve strong Horses that have won races and carried off prizes.
ild.13 Iron indeed must be his courage who could take pleasure in the sight of such a turmoil, and look on it without being dismayed.
ild.17 They fought and fought, and an Iron clank rose through the void air to the brazen vault of heaven.
ild.23 Achilles next offered the massive Iron quoit which mighty Eetion had erewhile been used to hurl, until Achilles had slain him and carried it off in his ships along with other spoils.
ild.23 He who wins it will have a store of Iron that will last him Five years as they go rolling round, and if his fair fields lie far from a town his shepherd or ploughman will not have to make a journey to buy iron, for he will have a stock of it on his own premises.
ild.23 Achilles next offered a prize of Iron for archery Ten double edged axes and Ten with single eddies: he set up a ship s mast, some way off upon the sands, and with a fine string tied a Pigeon to it by the foot; this was what they were to aim at.
ild.24 His wife cried aloud as she heard him, and said, "Alas, what has become of that judgement for which you have been ever famous both among strangers and your own people? How can you venture alone to the ships of the Achaeans, and look into the face of him who has slain so many of your brave sons? You must have Iron courage, for if the cruel savage sees you and lays hold on you, he will know neither respect nor pity.
ild.24 But when Achilles was now sated with grief and had unburthened the bitterness of his sorrow, he left his seat and raised the old man by the hand, in pity for his white hair and beard; then he said, "Unhappy man, you have indeed been greatly daring; how could you venture to come alone to the ships of the Achaeans, and enter the presence of him who has slain so many of your brave sons? You must have Iron courage: sit now upon this seat, and for all our grief we will hide our sorrows in our hearts, for weeping will not avail us.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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