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ild.03 He went up to Priam and said, Son" of Laomedon, the princes of the Trojans and Achaeans bid you come down on to the plain and swear to a solemn covenant.
ild.05 King Anchises stole the blood by putting his mares to them without Laomedon s knowledge, and they bore him Six foals.
ild.05 Far other was Hercules, my own brave and lion hearted father, who came here for the Horses of Laomedon, and though he had Six ships only, and few men to follow him, sacked the city of Ilius and made a wilderness of her highways.
ild.05 And Sarpedon, captain of the Lycians, answered, Tlepolemus", your father overthrew Ilius by reason of Laomedon s folly in refusing payment to one who had served him well.
ild.06 Bucolion was eldest son to Laomedon, but he was a bastard.
ild.07 Thus did the Achaeans toil, and the Gods, seated by the side of Jove the lord of lightning, marvelled at their great work; but Neptune, lord of the earthquake, spoke, saying, Father" Jove, what mortal in the whole world will again take the Gods into his counsel? See you not how the Achaeans have built a wall about their ships and driven a trench all round it, without offering Hecatombs to the Gods? The The fame of this wall will reach as far as dawn itself, and men will no longer think anything of the one which Phoebus Apollo and myself built with so much labour for Laomedon.
ild.15 At that moment the valiant soldier Dolops son of Lampus sprang upon Lampus was son of Laomedon and for his valour, while his son Dolops was versed in all the ways of war.
ild.20 Ilus begat Laomedon, and Laomedon begat Tithonus, Priam, Lampus, Clytius, and Hiketaon of the stock of Mars.
ild.21 Idiot, you have no sense, and forget how we two alone of all the Gods fared hardly round about Ilius when we came from Jove s house and worked for Laomedon a whole year at a stated wage and he gave us his orders.
ild.21 When, however, the glad hours brought round the time of payment, mighty Laomedon robbed us of all our hire and sent us off with nothing but abuse.
ild.23 Therefore, my dear son, mind well what you are about, for if you can be first to round the post there is no chance of any one giving you the goby later, not even though you had Adrestus s Horse Arion behind you Horse which is of divine race or those of Laomedon, which are the noblest in this country.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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