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ild.10 Dolon suspected nothing and soon passed them, but when he had got about as far as the distance by which a Mule plowed furrow exceeds one that has been ploughed by Oxen (for Mules can plow fallow land quicker than Oxen) they ran after him, and when he heard their footsteps he stood still, for he made sure they were friends from the Trojan camp come by Hector s orders to bid him return; when, however, they were only a spear s cast, or less away form him, he saw that they were enemies as fast as his legs could take him.
ild.23 He brought out a strong Mule, and made it fast in the middle of the crowd a she Mule never yet broken, but Six years old when it is hardest of all to break them: this was for the victor, and for the vanquished he offered a double cup.
ild.23 He to whom Apollo vouchsafes the greater endurance, and whom the Achaeans acknowledge as victor, shall take the Mule back with him to his own tent, while he that is vanquished shall have the double cup.
ild.23 He laid his hand on the Mule and said, "Let the man who is to have the cup come hither, for none but myself will take the Mule.
ild.24 Iris went her way when she had thus spoken, and Priam told his sons to get a Mule waggon ready, and to make the body of the waggon fast upon the top of its bed.
ild.24 They brought out a strong Mule waggon, newly made, and set the body of the waggon fast on its bed.
ild.24 They took the Mule yoke from the peg on which it hung, a yoke of boxwood with a knob on the top of it and rings for the reins to go through.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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