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ild.01 First he smote their Mules and their hounds, but presently he aimed his shafts at the people themselves, and all day long the pyres of the dead were burning.
ild.02 The Paphlagonians were commanded by stout hearted Pylaemanes from Enetae, where the Mules run wild in herds.
ild.07 Son" of Atreus, and other chieftains, inasmuch as many of the Achaeans are now dead, whose blood Mars has shed by the banks of the Scamander, and their souls have gone down to the house of Hades, it will be well when morning comes that we should cease fighting; we will then wheel our dead together with Oxen and Mules and burn them not far from the ships, that when we sail hence we may take the bones of our comrades home to their children.
ild.10 "Who is it," said he, "that goes thus about the host and the ships alone and in the dead of night, when men are sleeping? Are you looking for one of your Mules or for some comrade? Do not stand there and say nothing, but speak.
ild.10 Dolon suspected nothing and soon passed them, but when he had got about as far as the distance by which a Mule plowed furrow exceeds one that has been ploughed by Oxen (for Mules can plow fallow land quicker than Oxen) they ran after him, and when he heard their footsteps he stood still, for he made sure they were friends from the Trojan camp come by Hector s orders to bid him return; when, however, they were only a spear s cast, or less away form him, he saw that they were enemies as fast as his legs could take him.
ild.17 Or as Mules that put forth all their strength to draw some beam or great piece of ship s timber down a rough mountain track, and they pant and sweat as they, go even so did Menelaus and pant and sweat as they bore the body of Patroclus.
ild.23 Then King Agamemnon sent men and Mules from all parts of the camp, to bring wood, and Meriones, squire to Idomeneus, was in charge over them.
ild.23 They went out with woodmen s axes and strong ropes in their hands, and before them went the Mules.
ild.23 They split the trees and bound them behind the Mules, which then wended their way as they best could through the thick brushwood on to the plain.
ild.23 He brought prizes from the ships cauldrons, tripods, Horses and Mules, noble Oxen, Women with fair girdles, and swart iron.
ild.24 He is to take such gifts with him as shall give satisfaction to Achilles, and he is to go alone, with no other Trojan, save only some honoured servant who may drive his Mules and waggon, and bring back the body of him whom noble Achilles has slain.
ild.24 You are to go alone, with no Trojan, save only some honoured servant who may drive your Mules and waggon, and bring back to the city the body of him whom noble Achilles has slain.
ild.24 This done, they brought from the store chamber the rich ransom that was to purchase the body of Hector, and they set it all orderly on the waggon; then they yoked the strong harness Mules which the Mysians had on a time given as a goodly present to Priam; but for Priam himself they yoked Horses which the old king had bred, and kept for own use.
ild.24 Before him went the Mules drawing the four wheeled waggon, and driven by wise Idaeus; behind these were the Horses, which the old man lashed with his whip and drove swiftly through the city, while his friends followed after, wailing and lamenting for him as though he were on his road to death.
ild.24 Now when Priam and Idaeus had driven past the great tomb of Ilius, they stayed their Mules and Horses that they might drink in the river, for the shades of night were falling, when, therefore, Idaeus saw Mercury standing near them he said to Priam, "Take heed, descendant of Dardanus; here is matter which demands consideration.
ild.24 When he heard this the old man s heart failed him, and he was in great fear; he stayed where he was as one dazed, and the hair stood on end over his whole body; but the bringer of good luck came up to him and took him by the hand, saying, "Whither, father, are you thus driving your Mules and Horses in the dead of night when other men are asleep? Are you not afraid of the fierce Achaeans who are hard by you, so cruel and relentless? Should some one of them see you bearing so much treasure through the darkness of the flying night, what would not your state then be? You are no longer young, and he who is with you is too old to protect you from those who would attack you.
ild.24 The bringer of good luck then sprang on to the Chariot, and seizing the whip and reins he breathed fresh spirit into the Mules and Horses.
ild.24 Priam sprang from his Chariot to the ground, leaving Idaeus where he was, in charge of the Mules and Horses.
ild.24 These unyoked the Horses and Mules, and bade Priam s herald and attendant be seated within the house.
ild.24 Mercury then yoked their Horses and Mules, and drove them quickly through the host so that no man perceived them.
ild.24 Priam and Idaeus then drove on toward the city lamenting and making moan, and the Mules drew the body of Hector.
ild.24 Then she saw him that was lying upon the bier, drawn by the Mules, and with a loud cry she went about the city saying, "Come hither Trojans, men and Women, and look on Hector; if ever you rejoiced to see him coming from battle when he was alive, look now on him that was the glory of our city and all our people.
ild.24 They would have stayed before the gates, weeping and lamenting the livelong day to the going down of the sun, had not Priam spoken to them from the Chariot and said, "Make way for the Mules to pass you.
ild.24 Forthwith they yoked their Oxen and Mules and gathered together before the city.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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