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ild.01 For Nine whole days he shot his arrows among the people, but upon the tenth day Achilles called them in assembly moved thereto by Juno, who saw the Achaeans in their death throes and had compassion upon them.
ild.02 Nine heralds went crying about among them to stay their tumult and bid them listen to the kings, till at last they were got into their several places and ceased their clamour.
ild.02 Nine of Jove years are gone; the timbers of our ships have rotted; their tackling is sound no longer.
ild.02 A man chafes at having to stay away from his wife even for a single month, when he is on shipboard, at the mercy of wind and sea, but it is now Nine long years that we have been kept here; I cannot, therefore, blame the Achaeans if they turn restive; still we shall be shamed if we go home empty after so long a stay therefore, my friends, be patient yet a little longer that we may learn whether the prophesyings of Calchas were false or true.
ild.02 As the Serpent ate the Eight fledglings and the sparrow that hatched them, which makes nine, so shall we fight Nine years at Troy, but in the tenth shall take the town.
ild.02 Tlepolemus, son of Hercules, a man both brave and large of stature, brought Nine ships of lordly warriors from Rhodes.
ild.05 Mars roared as loudly as Nine or Ten thousand men in the thick of a fight, and the Achaeans and Trojans were struck with panic, so terrible was the cry he raised.
ild.06 "When he reached the river Xanthus, which is in Lycia, the king received him with all goodwill, feasted him Nine days, and killed Nine heifers in his honour, but when rosy fingered morning appeared upon the tenth day, he questioned him and desired to see the letter from his son in law Proetus.
ild.07 Thus did the old man rebuke them, and forthwith Nine men started to their feet.
ild.09 Nine whole nights did they set a guard over me taking it in turns to watch, and they kept a fire always burning, both in the cloister of the outer court and in the inner court at the doors of the room wherein I lay; but when the darkness of the tenth night came, I broke through the closed doors of my room, and climbed the wall of the outer court after passing quickly and unperceived through the men on guard and the Women servants.
ild.12 Phoebus Apollo turned the mouths of all these rivers together and made them flow for Nine days against the wall, while Jove rained the whole time that he might wash it sooner into the sea.
ild.14 The voice that came from his deep chest was as that of Nine or Ten thousand men when they are shouting in the thick of a fight, and it put fresh courage into the hearts of the Achaeans to wage war and do battle without ceasing.
ild.16 Then Patroclus sprang like Mars with fierce intent and a terrific shout upon the Trojans, and thrice did he kill Nine men; but as he was coming on like a God for a time, then, O Patroclus, was the hour of your end approaching, for Phoebus fought you in fell earnest.
ild.18 When the water in the cauldron was boiling they washed the body, anointed it with oil, and closed its wounds with ointment that had been kept Nine years.
ild.18 Nine years did I stay with them, and many beautiful works in Bronze, brooches, spiral armlets, cups, and chains, did I make for them in their cave, with the roaring waters of Oceanus foaming as they rushed ever past it; and no one knew, neither of Gods nor men, save only Thetis and Eurynome who took care of me.
ild.18 Along with the Cattle there went four shepherds, all of them in Gold, and their Nine fleet Dogs went with them.
ild.21 Nine roods did he cover in his fall, and his hair was all soiled in the dust, while his armour rang rattling round him.
ild.24 This Nine days past the immortals have been quarrelling about Achilles waster of cities and the body of Hector.
ild.24 These Nine did the old man call near him.
ild.24 Nine days did they lie weltering, and there was none to bury them, for the son of Saturn turned the people into stone; but on the tenth day the Gods in heaven themselves buried them, and Niobe then took food, being worn out with weeping.
ild.24 Nine days, therefore, will we mourn Hector in my house; on the tenth day we will bury him and there shall be a public feast in his honour; on the Eleventh we will build a mound over his ashes, and on the twelfth, if there be need, we will fight.
ild.24 Nine days long did they bring in great heaps wood, and on the morning of the tenth day with many tears they took trave Hector forth, laid his dead body upon the summit of the pile, and set the fire thereto.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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