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ild.02 From it there waved a hundred tassels of pure Gold, all deftly woven, and each one of them worth a hundred Oxen.
ild.07 Son" of Atreus, and other chieftains, inasmuch as many of the Achaeans are now dead, whose blood Mars has shed by the banks of the Scamander, and their souls have gone down to the house of Hades, it will be well when morning comes that we should cease fighting; we will then wheel our dead together with Oxen and Mules and burn them not far from the ships, that when we sail hence we may take the bones of our comrades home to their children.
ild.07 Thus did they converse, and by sunset the work of the Achaeans was completed; they then slaughtered Oxen at their tents and got their supper.
ild.10 Dolon suspected nothing and soon passed them, but when he had got about as far as the distance by which a Mule plowed furrow exceeds one that has been ploughed by Oxen (for Mules can plow fallow land quicker than Oxen) they ran after him, and when he heard their footsteps he stood still, for he made sure they were friends from the Trojan camp come by Hector s orders to bid him return; when, however, they were only a spear s cast, or less away form him, he saw that they were enemies as fast as his legs could take him.
ild.13 Ajax son of Oileus never for a moment left the side of Ajax son of Telamon, but as two swart Oxen both strain their utmost at the plough which they are drawing in a fallow field, and the sweat steams upwards from about the roots of their horns nothing but the yoke divides them as they break up the ground till they reach the end of the field even so did the two Ajaxes stand shoulder to shoulder by one another.
ild.16 So long as the sun was still high in mid heaven the weapons of either side were alike deadly, and the people fell; but when he went down towards the time when men loose their Oxen, the Achaeans proved to be beyond all forecast stronger, so that they drew Cebriones out of range of the darts and tumult of the Trojans, and stripped the armour from his shoulders.
ild.18 Many men were working at the plough within it, turning their Oxen to and fro, furrow after furrow.
ild.20 Or as one who yokes broad browed Oxen that they may tread barley in a threshing floor and it is soon bruised small under the feet of the lowing Cattle even so did the Horses of Achilles trample on the shields and bodies of the slain.
ild.21 It was in your tents that I first broke bread on the day when you took me prisoner in the vineyard; after which you sold away to Lemnos far from my father and my friends, and I brought you the price of a hundred Oxen.
ild.23 They flayed and dressed many fat Sheep and Oxen before the pyre, and Achilles took fat from all of them and wrapped the body therein from head to foot, heaping the flayed carcases all round it.
ild.23 He brought prizes from the ships cauldrons, tripods, Horses and Mules, noble Oxen, Women with fair girdles, and swart iron.
ild.23 For the winner there was a great tripod ready for setting upon the fire, and the Achaeans valued it among themselves at Twelve Oxen.
ild.23 For the loser he brought out a Woman skilled in all manner of arts, and they valued her at four Oxen.
ild.24 Forthwith they yoked their Oxen and Mules and gathered together before the city.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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