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ild.04 These were inspired of Mars, but the others by Minerva and with them came Panic, Rout, and Strife whose fury never tires, sister and friend of murderous Mars, who, from being at first but low in stature, grows till she uprears her head to heaven, though her feet are still on earth.
ild.05 her shoulders, wreathed round with Rout as with a fringe, and on it were Strife, and Strength, and Panic whose blood runs cold; moreover there was the head of the dread monster Gorgon,, grim and awful to behold, portent of aegis bearing Jove.
ild.09 But Panic, comrade of blood stained Rout, had taken fast hold of the Achaeans and their princes were all of them in despair.
ild.11 On the body of the shield there were Twenty bosses of white tin, with another of dark cyanus in the middle: this last was made to show a Gorgon s head, fierce and grim, with Rout and Panic on either side.
ild.12 The Argives, cowed by the scourge of Jove, were hemmed in at their ships in fear of Hector the mighty minister of Rout, who as heretofore fought with the force and fury of a whirlwind.
ild.15 As he spoke he gave orders to yoke his Horses Panic and Rout, while he put on his armour.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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