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ild.02 Then we saw a prodigy; for Jove sent a fearful Serpent out of the ground, with blood red stains upon its back, and it darted from under the altar on to the plane tree.
ild.02 The Serpent ate the poor cheeping things, while the old bird flew about lamenting her little ones; but the Serpent threw his coils about her and caught her by the wing as she was screaming.
ild.02 As the Serpent ate the Eight fledglings and the sparrow that hatched them, which makes nine, so shall we fight Nine years at Troy, but in the tenth shall take the town.
ild.03 As one who starts back affrighted, trembling and pale, when he comes suddenly upon a Serpent in some mountain glade, even so did Alexandrus plunge into the throng of Trojan warriors, terror stricken at the sight of the son Atreus.
ild.06 When he had received the wicked letter he first commanded Bellerophon to kill that savage monster, the Chimaera, who was not a human being, but a Goddess, for she had the head of a Lion and the tail of a Serpent, while her body was that of a Goat, and she breathed forth flames of fire; but Bellerophon slew her, for he was guided by signs from heaven.
ild.22 As Serpent in its den upon the mountains, full fed with deadly poisons, waits for the approach of man he is filled with fury and his eyes glare terribly as he goes writhing round his den even so Hector leaned his shield against a tower that jutted out from the wall and stood where he was, undaunted.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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