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ild.02 And those that held Phylace and the flowery meadows of Pyrasus, sanctuary of Ceres; Iton, the mother of Sheep; Antrum upon the sea, and Pteleum that lies upon the grass lands.
ild.02 Still, though his people mourned their chieftain, they were not without a leader, for Podarces, of the race of Mars, marshalled them; he was son of Iphiclus, rich in Sheep, who was the son of Phylacus, and he was own brother to Protesilaus, only younger, Protesilaus being at once the elder and the more valiant.
ild.05 He was like a Lion that some mountain shepherd has wounded, but not killed, as he is springing over the wall of a Sheep yard to attack the Sheep.
ild.05 The shepherd has roused the brute to fury but cannot defend his flock, so he takes shelter under cover of the buildings, while the Sheep, panic stricken on being deserted, are smothered in heaps one on top of the other, and the angry Lion leaps out over the Sheep yard wall.
ild.05 As two Lions whom their dam has reared in the depths of some mountain forest to plunder homesteads and carry off Sheep and Cattle till they get killed by the hand of man, so were these two vanquished by Aeneas, and fell like high pine trees to the ground.
ild.06 While tending his Sheep he had converse with the nymph, and she conceived twin sons; these the son of Mecisteus now slew, and he stripped the armour from their shoulders.
ild.06 Achilles killed them as they were with their Sheep and Cattle.
ild.08 All had then been lost and no help for it, for they would have been penned up in Ilius like Sheep, had not the sire of Gods and men been quick to mark, and hurled a fiery flaming thunderbolt which fell just in front of Diomed s Horses with a flare of burning brimstone.
ild.08 Take your Horses out of their Chariots and give them their feeds of corn; then make speed to bring Sheep and Cattle from the city; bring wine also and corn for your Horses and gather much wood, that from dark till dawn we may burn watchfires whose flare may reach to heaven.
ild.08 They made haste to bring Sheep and Cattle from the city, they brought wine also and corn from their houses and gathered much wood.
ild.09 The men that dwell there are rich in Cattle and Sheep; they will honour him with gifts as though he were a God, and be obedient to his comfortable ordinances.
ild.09 Patroclus did as his comrade bade him; he set the chopping block in front of the fire, and on it he laid the loin of a Sheep, the loin also of a Goat, and the chine of a fat hog.
ild.09 The men that dwell there are rich in Cattle and Sheep; they will honour you with gifts as though were a God, and be obedient to your comfortable ordinances.
ild.09 Cattle and Sheep are to be had for harrying, and a man buy both tripods and Horses if he wants them, but when his life has once left him it can neither be bought nor harried back again.
ild.09 My cousins and clansmen came about me, and pressed me sorely to remain; many a Sheep and many an ox did they slaughter, and many a fat hog did they set down to roast before the fire; many a jar, too, did they broach of my father s wine.
ild.09 I then fled through Hellas till I came to fertile Phthia, mother of Sheep, and to King Peleus, who made me welcome and treated me as a father treats an only son who will be heir to all his wealth.
ild.10 As Sheep Dogs that watch their flocks when they are yarded, and hear a wild beast coming through the mountain forest towards them forthwith there is a hue and cry of Dogs and men, and slumber is broken even so was sleep chased from the eyes of the Achaeans as they kept the watches of the wicked night, for they turned constantly towards the plain whenever they heard any stir among the Trojans.
ild.10 As a Lion springs furiously upon a flock of Sheep or Goats when he finds without their shepherd, so did the son of Tydeus set upon the Thracian soldiers till he had killed Twelve.
ild.11 Tell me now ye Muses that dwell in the mansions of Olympus, who, whether of the Trojans or of their allies, was first to face Agamemnon? It was Iphidamas son of Antenor, a man both brave and of great stature, who was brought up in fertile Thrace the mother of Sheep.
ild.11 So there the poor fellow lay, sleeping a sleep as it were of Bronze, killed in the defence of his fellow citizens, far from his wedded wife, of whom he had had no joy though he had given much for her: he had given a hundred head of Cattle down, and had promised later on to give a thousand Sheep and Goats mixed, from the countless flocks of which he was possessed.
ild.11 We drove off a vast quantity of booty from the plain, Fifty herds of Cattle and as many flocks of Sheep; Fifty droves also of Pigs, and as many wide spreading flocks of Goats.
ild.11 My father chose a herd of Cattle and a great flock of Sheep three hundred in all and he took their shepherds with him, for there was a great debt due to him in Elis, to wit four Horses, winners of prizes.
ild.12 Before him he held his shield of hammered Bronze, that the smith had beaten so fair and round, and had lined with ox hides which he had made fast with rivets of Gold all round the shield; this he held in front of him, and brandishing his two spears came on like some Lion of the wilderness, who has been long famished for want of meat and will dare break even into a well fenced homestead to try and get at the Sheep.
ild.12 He may find the shepherds keeping watch over their flocks with Dogs and spears, but he is in no mind to be driven from the fold till he has had a try for it; he will either spring on a Sheep and carry it off, or be hit by a spear from strong hand even so was Sarpedon fain to attack the wall and break down its battlements.
ild.13 Aeneas on the other side called to his comrades, looking towards Deiphobus, Paris, and Agenor, who were leaders of the Trojans along with himself, and the people followed them as Sheep follow the ram when they go down to drink after they have been feeding, and the heart of the shepherd is glad even so was the heart of Aeneas gladdened when he saw his people follow him.
ild.14 He married into the family of Adrastus, and his house was one of great abundance, for he had large estates of rich corn growing land, with much orchard ground as well, and he had many Sheep; moreover he excelled all the Argives in the use of the spear.
ild.15 As when two wild beasts spring in the dead of night on a herd of Cattle or a large flock of Sheep when the herdsman is not there even so were the Danaans struck helpless, for Apollo filled them with panic and gave victory to Hector and the Trojans.
ild.15 Father" Jove," said he, "if ever any one in wheat growing Argos burned you fat thigh bones of Sheep or heifer and prayed that he might return safely home, whereon you bowed your head to him in assent, bear it in mind now, and suffer not the Trojans to triumph thus over the Achaeans.
ild.18 Some way off them there were two scouts who were on the look out for the coming of Sheep or Cattle, which presently came, followed by two shepherds who were playing on their pipes, and had not so much as a thought of danger.
ild.18 The God wrought also a pasture in a fair mountain dell, and large flock of Sheep, with a homestead and huts, and sheltered Sheepfolds.
ild.23 Many a goodly ox, with many a Sheep and bleating Goat did they butcher and cut up; many a tusked boar moreover, fat and well fed, did they singe and set to roast in the flames of Vulcan; and rivulets of blood flowed all round the place where the body was lying.
ild.23 They flayed and dressed many fat Sheep and Oxen before the pyre, and Achilles took fat from all of them and wrapped the body therein from head to foot, heaping the flayed carcases all round it.
ild.23 If you are sorry for him and so choose, you have much Gold in your tents, with Bronze, Sheep, Cattle and Horses.
ild.24 She went to her son s tents where she found him grieving bitterly, while his trusty comrades round him were busy preparing their morning meal, for which they had killed a great woolly Sheep.
ild.24 With this Achilles sprang from his seat and killed a Sheep of Silvery whiteness, which his followers skinned and made ready all in due order.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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