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ild.01 We have followed you, Sir Insolence! for your pleasure, not ours to gain satisfaction from the Trojans for your shameless self and for Menelaus.
ild.01 And Agamemnon answered, Sir", all that you have said is true, but this fellow must needs become our lord and master: he must be lord of all, king of all, and captain of all, and this shall hardly be.
ild.02 Sir"," said he, "this flight is cowardly and unworthy.
ild.03 Sir"," answered Helen, "father of my husband, dear and reverend in my eyes, would that I had chosen death rather than to have come here with your son, far from my bridal chamber, my friends, my darling daughter, and all the companions of my girlhood.
ild.05 Jove looked angrily at him and said, "Do not come whining here, Sir Facing bothways.
ild.06 Sir"," said he, "you do ill to nurse this rancour; the people perish fighting round this our town; you would yourself chide one whom you saw shirking his part in the combat.
ild.06 Sir"," said he, "I fear that I have kept you waiting when you are in haste, and have not come as quickly as you bade me.
ild.08 Sir"," said he, "these young warriors are pressing you hard, your force is spent, and age is heavy upon you, your squire is naught, and your Horses are slow to move.
ild.09 Sir, think you that the sons of the Achaeans are indeed as unwarlike and cowardly as you say they are? If your own mind is set upon going home go the way is open to you; the many ships that followed you from Mycene stand ranged upon the seashore; but the rest of us stay here till we have sacked Troy.
ild.09 And King Agamemnon answered, Sir", you have reproved my folly justly.
ild.09 Sir, we are in the face of great disaster, and without your help know not whether we shall save our fleet or lose it.
ild.10 And Agamemnon answered, Sir", you may sometimes blame him justly, for he is often remiss and unwilling to exert himself not indeed from sloth, nor yet heedlessness, but because he looks to me and expects me to take the lead.
ild.13 Sir"," he cried, "draw near; why do you think thus vainly to dismay the Argives? We Achaeans are excellent soldiers, but the scourge of Jove has fallen heavily upon us.
ild.14 Would you, then, have us draw down our ships into the water while the battle is raging, and thus play further into the hands of the conquering Trojans? It would be ruin; the Achaeans will not go on fighting when they see the ships being drawn into the water, but will cease attacking and keep turning their eyes towards them; your counsel, therefore, Sir captain, would be our destruction.
ild.24 Then said the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, Sir", all that you have said is right; but tell me and tell me true, are you taking this rich treasure to send it to a foreign people where it may be safe, or are you all leaving strong Ilius in dismay now that your son has fallen who was the bravest man among you and was never lacking in battle with the Achaeans?"
ild.24 The slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, answered him, Sir", you would prove me, that you question me about noble Hector.
ild.24 Sir"," replied the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, "neither hounds nor Vultures have yet devoured him; he is still just lying at the tents by the ship of Achilles, and though it is now Twelve days that he has lain there, his flesh is not wasted nor have the worms eaten him although they feed on warriors.
ild.24 Then answered the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, Sir", you are tempting me and playing upon my youth, but you shall not move me, for you are offering me presents without the knowledge of Achilles whom I fear and hold it great guiltless to defraud, lest some evil presently befall me; but as your guide I would go with you even to Argos itself, and would guard you so carefully whether by sea or land, that no one should attack you through making light of him who was with you.
ild.24 Then he sprang from the Chariot on to the ground and said, Sir", it is I, immortal Mercury, that am come with you, for my father sent me to escort you.
ild.24 Sir"," he said, "your son is now laid upon his bier and is ransomed according to desire; you shall look upon him when you him away at daybreak; for the present let us prepare our supper.
ild.24 He hovered therefore over Priam s head and said, Sir", now that Achilles has spared your life, you seem to have no fear about sleeping in the thick of your foes.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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