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ild.11 These he let lie, and went on to wound Charops son of Hippasus own brother to noble Socus.
ild.11 Socus, hero that he was, made all speed to help him, and when he was close to Ulysses he said, "Far famed Ulysses, insatiable of craft and toil, this day you shall either boast of having killed both the sons of Hippasus and stripped them of their armour, or you shall fall before my spear.
ild.11 Ulysses knew that his hour was not yet come, but he gave ground and said to Socus, Wretch", you shall now surely die.
ild.11 Socus had turned in flight, but as he did so, the spear struck him in the back midway between the shoulders, and went right through his chest.
ild.11 He fell heavily to the ground and Ulysses vaunted over him saying, "O Socus, son of Hippasus tamer of Horses, death has been too quick for you and you have not escaped him: poor wretch, not even in death shall your father and mother close your eyes, but the ravening Vultures shall enshroud you with the flapping of their dark wings and devour you.
ild.11 So saying he drew Socus s heavy spear out of his flesh and from his shield, and the blood welled forth when the spear was withdrawn so that he was much dismayed.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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