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ild.01 Thetis wept and answered, "My son, woe is me that I should have borne or suckled you.
ild.01 Thetis was not unmindful of the charge her son had laid upon her, so she rose from under the sea and went through great heaven with early morning to Olympus, where she found the mighty son of Saturn sitting all alone upon its topmost ridges.
ild.01 Jove sat for a while silent, and without a word, but Thetis still kept firm hold of his knees, and besought him a second time.
ild.01 But Juno, when she saw him, knew that he and the old Merman s daughter, Silver footed Thetis, had been hatching mischief, so she at once began to upbraid him.
ild.01 Still, I have a strong misgiving that the old merman s daughter Thetis has been talking you over, for she was with you and had hold of your knees this self same morning.
ild.04 Moreover, Achilles, the son of lovely Thetis, is not fighting, but is nursing his anger at the ships.
ild.06 Bacchus himself plunged terror stricken into the sea, and Thetis took him to her bosom to comfort him, for he was scared by the fury with which the man reviled him.
ild.08 And now Jove hates me, while he lets Thetis have her way because she kissed his knees and took hold of his beard, when she was begging him to do honour to Achilles.
ild.09 "My mother Thetis tells me that there are two ways in which I may meet my end.
ild.13 Jove was minded to give victory to the Trojans and to Hector, so as to do honour to fleet Achilles, nevertheless he did not mean to utterly overthrow the Achaean host before Ilius, and only wanted to glorify Thetis and her valiant son.
ild.15 But I will not stay my anger, nor permit any God to help the Danaans till I have accomplished the desire of the son of Peleus, according to the promise I made by bowing my head on the day when Thetis touched my knees and besought me to give him honour.
ild.15 For he meant giving glory to Hector son of Priam, and letting him throw fire upon the ships, till he had fulfilled the unrighteous prayer that Thetis had made him; Jove, therefore, bided his time till he should see the glare of a blazing ship.
ild.16 Who in future story will speak well of you unless you now save the Argives from ruin? You know no pity; knight Peleus was not your father nor Thetis your mother, but the grey sea bore you and the sheer cliffs begot you, so cruel and remorseless are you.
ild.16 If however you are kept back through knowledge of some oracle, or if your mother Thetis has told you something from the mouth of Jove, at least send me and the Myrmidons with me, if I may bring deliverance to the Danaans.
ild.16 Then Achilles went inside his tent and opened the lid of the strong chest which Silver footed Thetis had given him to take on board ship, and which she had filled with shirts, cloaks to keep out the cold, and good thick rugs.
ild.16 At first the Trojans made some headway against the Achaeans, for one of the best men among the Myrmidons was killed, Epeigeus, son of noble Agacles who had erewhile been king in the good city of Budeum; but presently, having killed a valiant kinsman of his own, he took refuge with Peleus and Thetis, who sent him to Ilius the land of noble steeds to fight the Trojans under Achilles.
ild.16 Dead though he was, Hector still spoke to him saying, Patroclus", why should you thus foretell my doom? Who knows but Achilles, son of lovely Thetis, may be smitten by my spear and die before me?"
ild.18 "Alas," said he to himself in the heaviness of his heart, "why are the Achaeans again scouring the plain and flocking towards the ships? Heaven grant the Gods be not now bringing that sorrow upon me of which my mother Thetis spoke, saying that while I was yet alive the bravest of the Myrmidons should fall before the Trojans, and see the light of the sun no longer.
ild.18 The crystal cave was filled with their multitude and they all beat their breasts while Thetis led them in their lament.
ild.18 Thetis wept and answered, "Then, my son, is your end near at hand for your own death awaits you full soon after that of Hector.
ild.18 Then Silver footed Thetis answered, "My son, what you have said is true.
ild.18 When she had so said, they dived forthwith beneath the waves, while Silver footed Thetis went her way that she might bring the armour for her son.
ild.18 The same soil shall be reddened here at Troy by the blood of us both, for I too shall never be welcomed home by the old knight Peleus, nor by my mother Thetis, but even in this place shall the earth cover me.
ild.18 Meanwhile Thetis came to the house of Vulcan, imperishable, star bespangled, fairest of the abodes in heaven, a house of Bronze wrought by the lame God s own hands.
ild.18 While he was thus at work Silver footed Thetis came to the house.
ild.18 Charis, of graceful head dress, wife to the far famed lame God, came towards her as soon as she saw her, and took her hand in her own, saying, "Why have you come to our house, Thetis, honoured and ever welcome for you do not visit us often? Come inside and let me set refreshment before you.
ild.18 The Goddess led the way as she spoke, and bade Thetis sit on a richly decorated seat inlaid with Silver; there was a footstool also under her feet.
ild.18 Then she called Vulcan and said, Vulcan", come here, Thetis wants you"; and the far famed lame God answered, "Then it is indeed an august and honoured Goddess who has come here; she it was that took care of me when I was suffering from the heavy fall which I had through my cruel mother s anger for she would have got rid of me because I was lame.
ild.18 It would have gone hardly with me had not Eurynome, daughter of the ever encircling waters of Oceanus, and Thetis, taken me to their bosom.
ild.18 Nine years did I stay with them, and many beautiful works in Bronze, brooches, spiral armlets, cups, and chains, did I make for them in their cave, with the roaring waters of Oceanus foaming as they rushed ever past it; and no one knew, neither of Gods nor men, save only Thetis and Eurynome who took care of me.
ild.18 If, then, Thetis has come to my house I must make her due requital for having saved me; entertain her, therefore, with all hospitality, while I put by my bellows and all my tools.
ild.18 There were Golden handmaids also who worked for him, and were like real young Women, with sense and reason, voice also and strength, and all the learning of the immortals; these busied themselves as the king bade them, while he drew near to Thetis, seated her upon a goodly seat, and took her hand in his own, saying, "Why have you come to our house, Thetis honoured and ever welcome for you do not visit us often? Say what you want, and I will do it for you at once if I can, and if it can be done at all.
ild.18 Thetis wept and answered, Vulcan", is there another Goddess in Olympus whom the son of Saturn has been pleased to try with so much affliction as he has me? Me alone of the marine Goddesses did he make subject to a mortal husband, Peleus son of Aeacus, and sorely against my will did I submit to the embraces of one who was but mortal, and who now stays at home worn out with age.
ild.19 NOW when Dawn in robe of saffron was hasting from the streams of Oceanus, to bring light to mortals and immortals, Thetis reached the ships with the armour that the God had given her.
ild.19 Silver footed Thetis answered, "My son, be not disquieted about this matter.
ild.20 Venus is child to Jove, while Thetis is but daughter to the old man of the sea.
ild.20 Men say that you are son to noble Peleus, and that your mother is Thetis, fair haired daughter of the sea.
ild.23 Thrice did they drive their Chariots all sorrowing round the body, and Thetis stirred within them a still deeper yearning.
ild.24 Let some one of you, therefore, send Thetis to me, and I will impart my counsel to her, namely that Achilles is to accept a ransom from Priam, and give up the body.
ild.24 She found Thetis sitting in a great cave with the other sea goddesses gathered round her; there she sat in the midst of them weeping for her noble son who was to fall far from his own land, on the rich plains of Troy.
ild.24 Iris went up to her and said, "Rise Thetis; Jove, whose counsels fail not, bids you come to him.
ild.24 And Thetis answered, "Why does the mighty God so bid me? I am in great grief, and shrink from going in and out among the immortals.
ild.24 Juno then placed a fair Golden cup in her hand, and spoke to her in words of comfort, whereon Thetis drank and gave her back the cup; and the sire of Gods and men was the first to speak.
ild.24 Silver footed Thetis did as the God had told her, and forthwith down she darted from the topmost summits of Olympus.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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