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ild.02 Tlepolemus, son of Hercules, a man both brave and large of stature, brought Nine ships of lordly warriors from Rhodes.
ild.02 These were commanded by Tlepolemus, son of Hercules by Astyochea, whom he had carried off from Ephyra, on the river Selleis, after sacking many cities of valiant warriors.
ild.02 When Tlepolemus grew up, he killed his father s uncle Licymnius, who had been a famous warrior in his time, but was then grown old.
ild.05 Presently the strong hand of fate impelled Tlepolemus, the son of Hercules, a man both brave and of great stature, to fight Sarpedon; so the two, son and grandson of great Jove, drew near to one another, and Tlepolemus spoke first.
ild.05 And Sarpedon, captain of the Lycians, answered, Tlepolemus", your father overthrew Ilius by reason of Laomedon s folly in refusing payment to one who had served him well.
ild.05 Thus spoke Sarpedon, and Tlepolemus upraised his spear.
ild.05 Tlepolemus s spear struck Sarpedon on the left thigh with such force that it tore through the flesh and grazed the bone, but his father as yet warded off destruction from him.
ild.05 Meanwhile the Achaeans carried off the body of Tlepolemus, whereon Ulysses was moved to pity, and panted for the fray as he beheld them.
ild.16 Then he laid low, one after the other, Erymas, Amphoterus, Epaltes, Tlepolemus, Echius son of Damastor, Pyris, lpheus, Euippus and Polymelus son of Argeas.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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