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ild.01 The son of Peleus went back to his tents and ships with the son of Menoetius and his company, while Agamemnon drew a vessel into the water and chose a crew of Twenty oarsmen.
ild.02 From these there came Fifty ships, and in each there were a hundred and Twenty young men of the Boeotians.
ild.02 Guneus brought two and Twenty ships from Cyphus, and he was followed by the Enienes and the valiant Peraebi, who dwelt about wintry Dodona, and held the lands round the lovely river Titaresius, which sends its waters into the Peneus.
ild.06 Great Oeneus once entertained Bellerophon for Twenty days, and the two exchanged presents.
ild.09 I will give him Twenty Iron cauldrons and Twelve strong Horses that have won races and carried off prizes.
ild.09 "All these things will I give him now down, and if hereafter the Gods vouchsafe me to sack the city of Priam, let him come when we Achaeans are dividing the spoil, and load his ship with Gold and Bronze to his liking; furthermore let him take Twenty Trojan Women, the loveliest after Helen herself.
ild.09 He will give you Seven tripods that have never yet been on the fire, and Ten talents of Gold; Twenty Iron cauldrons, and Twelve strong Horses that have won races and carried off prizes.
ild.09 You can take Twenty Trojan Women, the loveliest after Helen herself.
ild.09 He may offer me Ten or even Twenty times what he has now done, nay not though it be all that he has in the world, both now or ever shall have; he may promise me the wealth of Orchomenus or of Egyptian Thebes, which is the richest city in the whole world, for it has a hundred gates through each of which two hundred men may drive at once with their Chariots and Horses; he may offer me gifts as the sands of the sea or the dust of the plain in multitude, but even so he shall not move me till I have been revenged in full for the bitter wrong he has done me.
ild.11 On the body of the shield there were Twenty bosses of white tin, with another of dark cyanus in the middle: this last was made to show a Gorgon s head, fierce and grim, with Rout and Panic on either side.
ild.13 And Idomeneus captain of the Cretans answered, "You will find one spear, or Twenty if you so please, standing up against the end wall of my tent.
ild.16 This man as soon as ever he had come up with his Chariot had dismounted Twenty men, so proficient was he in all the arts of war he it was, O knight Patroclus, that first drove a weapon into you, but he did not quite overpower you.
ild.16 Then, as the life ebbed out of you, you answered, O knight Patroclus: Hector", vaunt as you will, for Jove the son of Saturn and Apollo have vouchsafed you victory; it is they who have vanquished me so easily, and they who have stripped the armour from my shoulders; had Twenty such men as you attacked me, all of them would have fallen before my spear.
ild.18 She found him busy with his bellows, sweating and hard at work, for he was making Twenty tripods that were to stand by the wall of his house, and he set wheels of Gold under them all that they might go of their own selves to the assemblies of the Gods, and come back again marvels indeed to see.
ild.18 Twenty bellows blew upon the melting pots, and they blew blasts of every kind, some fierce to help him when he had need of them, and others less strong as Vulcan willed it in the course of his work.
ild.19 The word was not sooner said than the deed was done: they brought out the Seven tripods which Agamemnon had promised, with the Twenty metal cauldrons and the Twelve Horses; they also brought the Women skilled in useful arts, Seven in number, with Briseis, which made eight.
ild.22 Achilles glared at him and answered, Dog", talk not to me neither of knees nor parents; would that I could be as sure of being able to cut your flesh into pieces and eat it raw, for the ill have done me, as I am that nothing shall save you from the Dogs it shall not be, though they bring Ten or Twenty fold ransom and weigh it out for me on the spot, with promise of yet more hereafter.
ild.23 The first prize he offered was for the Chariot races a Woman skilled in all useful arts, and a three legged cauldron that had ears for handles, and would hold Twenty two measures.
ild.24 Hector"," said she, "dearest of all my brothers in law for I am wife to Alexandrus who brought me hither to Troy would that I had died ere he did so Twenty years are come and gone since I left my home and came from over the sea, but I have never heard one word of insult or unkindness from you.

Arise Greece! from thy silent sleep, 2000 years long it is! Forget not, thy ancient culture, beautiful and marvelous it is!

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