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ild.02 Agamemnon"," he cried, "what ails you now, and what more do you want? Your tents are filled with Bronze and with fair Women, for whenever we take a town we give you the pick of them.
ild.02 Weakling cowards, Women rather than men, let us sail home, and leave this fellow here at Troy to stew in his own meeds of honour, and discover whether we were of any service to him or no.
ild.02 They forget the promise they made you when they set out from Argos, that you should not return till you had sacked the town of Troy, and, like children or widowed Women, they murmur and would set off homeward.
ild.02 Those again who held Pelasgic Argos, Alos, Alope, and Trachis; and those of Phthia and Hellas the land of fair Women, who were called Myrmidons, Hellenes, and Achaeans; these had Fifty ships, over which Achilles was in command.
ild.03 Then she went to call Helen, and found her on a high tower with the Trojan Women crowding round her.
ild.03 Go sit with Alexandrus yourself; henceforth be Goddess no longer; never let your feet carry you back to Olympus; worry about him and look after him till he make you his wife, or, for the matter of that, his slave but me? I shall not go; I can garnish his bed no longer; I should be a by word among all the Women of Troy.
ild.03 She wrapped her mantle about her and went in silence, following the Goddess and unnoticed by the Trojan Women.
ild.05 Venus screamed aloud, and let her son fall, but Phoebus Apollo caught him in his arms, and hid him in a cloud of darkness, lest some Danaan should drive a spear into his breast and kill him; and Diomed shouted out as he left her, Daughter" of Jove, leave war and battle alone, can you not be contented with beguiling silly Women? If you meddle with fighting you will get what will make you shudder at the very name of war.
ild.05 Father" Jove," said she, "do not be angry with me, but I think the Cyprian must have been persuading some one of the Achaean Women to go with the Trojans of whom she is so very fond, and while caressing one or other of them she must have torn her delicate hand with the Gold pin of the Woman s brooch.
ild.06 He it was that drove the nursing Women who were in charge of frenzied Bacchus through the land of Nysa, and they flung their thyrsi on the ground as murderous Lycurgus beat them with his oxgoad.
ild.06 Thirdly, he killed the Amazons, Women who were the peers of men, and as he was returning thence the king devised yet another plan for his destruction; he picked the bravest warriors in all Lycia, and placed them in ambuscade, but not a man ever came back, for Bellerophon killed every one of them.
ild.06 His mother went into the house and called her waiting Women who gathered the matrons throughout the city.
ild.06 She then went down into her fragrant store room, where her embroidered robes were kept, the work of Sidonian Women, whom Alexandrus had brought over from Sidon when he sailed the seas upon that voyage during which he carried off Helen.
ild.06 The Women lifted up their hands to the Goddess with a loud cry, and Theano took the robe to lay it upon the knees of Minerva, praying the while to the daughter of great Jove.
ild.06 He found Alexandrus within the house, busied about his armour, his shield and cuirass, and handling his curved bow; there, too, sat Argive Helen with her Women, setting them their several tasks; and as Hector saw him he rebuked him with words of scorn.
ild.06 Seeing, then, that she was not within, he stood on the threshold of the Women s rooms and said, Women", tell me, and tell me true, where did Andromache go when she left the house? Was it to my sisters, or to my brothers wives? or is she at the temple of Minerva where the other Women are propitiating the awful Goddess?"
ild.06 His good housekeeper answered, Hector", since you bid me tell you truly, she did not go to your sisters nor to your brothers wives, nor yet to the temple of Minerva, where the other Women are propitiating the awful goddess, but she is on the high wall of Ilius, for she had heard the Trojans were being hard pressed, and that the Achaeans were in great force: she went to the wall in frenzied haste, and the nurse went with her carrying the child.
ild.06 And Hector answered, Wife", I too have thought upon all this, but with what face should I look upon the Trojans, men or Women, if I shirked battle like a coward? I cannot do so: I know nothing save to fight bravely in the forefront of the Trojan host and win renown alike for my father and myself.
ild.07 "Alas," he cried, "vain braggarts, Women forsooth not men, double dyed indeed will be the stain upon us if no man of the Danaans will now face Hector.
ild.07 The Godlike hero Ereuthalion stood forward as their champion, with the armour of King Areithous upon his shoulders Areithous whom men and Women had surnamed the Mace man, because he fought neither with bow nor spear, but broke the battalions of the foe with his Iron mace.
ild.07 Gladden, then, the hearts of the Achaeans at your ships, and more especially those of your own followers and clansmen, while I, in the great city of King Priam, bring comfort to the Trojans and their Women, who vie with one another in their prayers on my behalf.
ild.08 Let the Women each of them light a great fire in her house, and let watch be safely kept lest the town be entered by surprise while the host is outside.
ild.09 I will give him these, and with them her whom I erewhile took from him, the daughter of Briseus; and I swear a great oath that I never went up into her couch, nor have been with her after the manner of men and Women.
ild.09 "All these things will I give him now down, and if hereafter the Gods vouchsafe me to sack the city of Priam, let him come when we Achaeans are dividing the spoil, and load his ship with Gold and Bronze to his liking; furthermore let him take Twenty Trojan Women, the loveliest after Helen herself.
ild.09 He will give you these, and with them her whom he erewhile took from you, the daughter of Briseus, and he will swear a great oath, he has never gone up into her couch nor been with her after the manner of men and Women.
ild.09 You can take Twenty Trojan Women, the loveliest after Helen herself.
ild.09 I have taken nothing by all my hardships with my life ever in my hand; as a bird when she has found a morsel takes it to her nestlings, and herself fares hardly, even so man a long night have I been wakeful, and many a bloody battle have I waged by day against those who were fighting for their Women.
ild.09 I have much there that I left behind me when I came here to my sorrow, and I shall bring back still further store of gold, of red copper, of fair Women, and of iron, my share of the spoils that we have taken; but one prize, he who gave has insolently taken away.
ild.09 If the Gods spare me to return home, Peleus will find me a wife; there are Achaean Women in Hellas and Phthia, daughters of kings that have cities under them; of these I can take whom I will and marry her.
ild.09 Therefore, my son, I will not stay here without you no, not though heaven itself vouchsafe to strip my years from off me, and make me young as I was when I first left Hellas the land of fair Women.
ild.09 Nine whole nights did they set a guard over me taking it in turns to watch, and they kept a fire always burning, both in the cloister of the outer court and in the inner court at the doors of the room wherein I lay; but when the darkness of the tenth night came, I broke through the closed doors of my room, and climbed the wall of the outer court after passing quickly and unperceived through the men on guard and the Women servants.
ild.09 Then at last his sorrowing wife detailed the horrors that befall those whose city is taken; she reminded him how the men are slain, and the city is given over to the flames, while the Women and children are carried into captivity; when he heard all this, his heart was touched, and he donned his armour to go forth.
ild.11 His wife will tear her cheeks for grief and his children will be fatherless: there will he rot, reddening the earth with his blood, and Vultures, not Women, will gather round him.
ild.15 As a man skilled in feats of Horsemanship couples four Horses together and comes tearing full speed along the public way from the country into some large town many both men and Women marvel as they see him for he keeps all the time changing his Horse, springing from one to another without ever missing his feet while the Horses are at a gallop even so did Ajax go striding from one ship s deck to another, and his voice went up into the heavens.
ild.16 Polymele, daughter of Phylas the graceful dancer, bore him; the mighty slayer of Argos was enamoured of her as he saw her among the singing Women at a dance held in honour of Diana the rushing huntress of the Golden arrows; he therefore Mercury, giver of all good went with her into an upper chamber, and lay with her in secret, whereon she bore him a noble son Eudorus, singularly fleet of foot and in fight valiant.
ild.16 Patroclus"," said he, "you deemed that you should sack our city, rob our Trojan Women of their freedom, and carry them off in your ships to your own country.
ild.18 Till then I will win fame, and will bid Trojan and Dardanian Women wring tears from their tender cheeks with both their hands in the grievousness of their great sorrow; thus shall they know that he who has held aloof so long will hold aloof no longer.
ild.18 So long as this man was at enmity with Agamemnon the Achaeans were easier to deal with, and I would have gladly camped by the ships in the hope of taking them; but now I go in great fear of the fleet son of Peleus; he is so daring that he will never bide here on the plain whereon the Trojans and Achaeans fight with equal valour, but he will try to storm our city and carry off our Women.
ild.18 Twelve noble sons of Trojans will I behead before your bier to avenge you; till I have done so you shall lie as you are by the ships, and fair Women of Troy and Dardanus, whom we have taken with spear and strength of arm when we sacked men s goodly cities, shall weep over you both night and day.
ild.18 There were Golden handmaids also who worked for him, and were like real young Women, with sense and reason, voice also and strength, and all the learning of the immortals; these busied themselves as the king bade them, while he drew near to Thetis, seated her upon a goodly seat, and took her hand in his own, saying, "Why have you come to our house, Thetis honoured and ever welcome for you do not visit us often? Say what you want, and I will do it for you at once if I can, and if it can be done at all.
ild.18 Loud rose the cry of Hymen, and the youths danced to the music of flute and lyre, while the Women stood each at her house door to see them.
ild.18 The servants were getting a meal ready under an oak, for they had sacrificed a great ox, and were busy cutting him up, while the Women were making a porridge of much white barley for the labourers dinner.
ild.19 He told it out among the Gods saying, Hear me all Gods and Goddesses, that I may speak even as I am minded; this day shall an Ilithuia, helper of Women who are in labour, bring a man child into the world who shall be lord over all that dwell about him who are of my blood and lineage.
ild.19 Moreover let him swear an oath before the Argives that he has never gone up into the couch of Briseis, nor been with her after the manner of men and Women; and do you, too, show yourself of a gracious mind; let Agamemnon entertain you in his tents with a feast of reconciliation, that so you may have had your dues in full.
ild.19 Thus, then, do I charge you: take some noble young Achaeans with you, and bring from my tents the gifts that I promised yesterday to Achilles, and bring the Women also; furthermore let Talthybius find me a boar from those that are with the host, and make it ready for sacrifice to Jove and to the sun.
ild.19 The word was not sooner said than the deed was done: they brought out the Seven tripods which Agamemnon had promised, with the Twenty metal cauldrons and the Twelve Horses; they also brought the Women skilled in useful arts, Seven in number, with Briseis, which made eight.
ild.19 She wept as she spoke, and the Women joined in her lament making as though their tears were for Patroclus, but in truth each was weeping for her own sorrows.
ild.20 Have you forgotten how when you were alone I chased you from your herds helter skelter down the slopes of Ida? You did not turn round to look behind you; you took refuge in Lyrnessus, but I attacked the city, and with the help of Minerva and father Jove I sacked it and carried its Women into captivity, though Jove and the other Gods rescued you.
ild.20 What is the use of our bandying hard like Women who when they fall foul of one another go out and wrangle in the streets, one half true and the other lies, as rage inspires them? No words of yours shall turn me now that I am fain to fight therefore let us make trial of one another with our spears.
ild.20 It is fated, moreover, that he should escape, and that the race of Dardanus, whom Jove loved above all the sons born to him of mortal Women, shall not perish utterly without seed or sign.
ild.21 Priam married his daughter along with many other Women and two sons were born of her, both of whom you will have slain.
ild.21 Jove made you as a Lion among Women, and lets you kill them whenever you choose.
ild.22 Monster that he is; would indeed that the Gods loved him no better than I do, for so, Dogs and Vultures would soon devour him as he lay stretched on earth, and a load of grief would be lifted from my heart, for many a brave son has he reft from me, either by killing them or selling them away in the islands that are beyond the sea: even now I miss two sons from among the Trojans who have thronged within the city, Lycaon and Polydorus, whom Laothoe peeress among Women bore me.
ild.22 Come, then, my son, within the city, to be the guardian of Trojan men and Trojan Women, or you will both lose your own life and afford a mighty triumph to the son of Peleus.
ild.22 Now that my folly has destroyed the host, I dare not look Trojan men and Trojan Women in the face, lest a worse man should say, Hector has ruined us by his self confidence.
ild.22 you throughout the city, for you were a tower of strength to all in Troy, and both men and Women alike hailed you as a God.
ild.22 She heard the cry coming as from the wall, and trembled in every limb; the shuttle fell from her hands, and again she spoke to her waiting Women.
ild.22 Her heart beat fast, and as she spoke she flew from the house like a maniac, with her waiting Women following after.
ild.22 You will lie naked, although in your house you have fine and goodly raiment made by hands of Women.
ild.22 This will I now burn; it is of no use to you, for you can never again wear it, and thus you will have respect shown you by the Trojans both men and Women.
ild.22 In such wise did she cry aloud amid her tears, and the Women joined in her lament.
ild.23 He brought prizes from the ships cauldrons, tripods, Horses and Mules, noble Oxen, Women with fair girdles, and swart iron.
ild.24 Thus would I avenge my son, who showed no cowardice when Achilles slew him, and thought neither of Right nor of avoiding battle as he stood in defence of Trojan men and Trojan Women.
ild.24 I had Fifty sons when the Achaeans came here; Nineteen of them were from a single womb, and the others were borne to me by the Women of my household.
ild.24 As he spoke Achilles told his men and the Women servants to set beds in the room that was in the gatehouse, and make them with good red rugs, and spread coverlets on the top of them with woollen cloaks for Priam and Idaeus to wear.
ild.24 Then she saw him that was lying upon the bier, drawn by the Mules, and with a loud cry she went about the city saying, "Come hither Trojans, men and Women, and look on Hector; if ever you rejoiced to see him coming from battle when he was alive, look now on him that was the glory of our city and all our people.
ild.24 When they had borne the body within the house they laid it upon a bed and seated minstrels round it to lead the dirge, whereon the Women joined in the sad music of their lament.
ild.24 Our Women will be carried away captives to the ships, and I among them; while you, my child, who will be with me will be put to some unseemly tasks, working for a cruel master.
ild.24 Bitterly did she weep the while, and the Women joined in her lament.

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