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This is the only completed Iliad project available online in Wiki format apart from Wikisource at Wikipedia. Wikisource however does not contain hyper-links interconnecting nouns in the text. This wiki has a page for each of the 24 books of Iliad and 1200 plus dedicated pages for each of the identified nouns in Iliad. It contains a very large number of interconnecting hyperlinks indicating noun to noun relationships.

Ild01, Ild02, Ild03, Ild04, Ild05, Ild06, Ild07, Ild08, Ild09, Ild10, Ild11, Ild12
Ild13, Ild14, Ild15, Ild16, Ild17, Ild18, Ild19, Ild20, Ild21, Ild22, Ild23, Ild24

This wiki development effort is dedicated to goddesses Athena and Aphrodite.

Jijith Nadumuri

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Internal Sources

  1. Iliad Wiki - A full text Wiki for Iliad with 24 books and 1200 nouns
  2. Nouns in Iliad, Alphabetical - Alphabetical list of nouns
  3. Nouns in Iliad, Frequency-wise - Frequency spectral analysis of nouns
  4. Odyssey
  5. Avesta

External Sources

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