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This is a complete Yasna project available online in Wiki format with hyper-links interconnecting nouns in the text. This wiki has a page for each of the 72 chapters of Yasna and around 430 dedicated pages for each of the identified nouns in Yasna. It contains a very large number of interconnecting hyperlinks indicating noun to noun relationships.

Further Reading

Internal Sources

  1. Avesta - An Introductory Article on Avesta
  2. Yasna - An Introductory Article on Yasna
  3. Yasna Wiki - A Wiki for Yasna
  4. Alphabetical List of Nouns in Yasna
  5. Frequency Analysis of Nouns in Yasna
  6. Yashts
  7. Visperad
  8. Vendidad
  9. Iliad

External Sources

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